5 Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 on Holiday: Camera, Screen, Battery, Performance and Features

Long holiday or staycation success requires the right device support such as a smartphone. Apart from containing various important information such as tickets and hotels, cell phones are also often used to capture precious moments in the form of photos and videos.

In a series of tests on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, we went to Bandung to experience what it’s like to have a short holiday accompanied by the Fold5. GAIA Hotel in Setiabudi is the location of choice with its unique hotel concept and various facilities.

From our experience during this short holiday, there are 5 advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 which make it suitable for holiday companions.

1. Photo & video results are very good

As a high-end cellphone, the Fold5’s photo and video results are very good. Especially for photos in ideal light conditions, as follows.

For those who like taking photos of food, the Fold5 camera can also capture details in food very well as in photos Tiramisu cake following.

Skin colors can also be reproduced well by the Fold5 camera. Even when taking photos in dim light conditions. For photos portraitthe Fold5’s 3x zoom camera can still produce good photos.

When night falls, we can still capture the aesthetic corners at GAIA. The Fold5’s three main cameras proved to really help us produce the best photos from various angles.

Apart from Night Mode, Fold5 is also equipped with more flexible Pro and Expert RAW modes. With these two modes, we can adjust the camera settings manually to get the desired photo mood like the following photo.

2. Taking selfies with the main camera is very easy

Instead of using the internal camera (or the front camera on conventional cellphones), we more often use the main camera to take selfies. We used the outer screen to see the composition when taking selfies, and the results were very good.

If you don’t bring a tripod, we can also put the Fold5 to take group photos like the following photo. The results are clearly better than the internal or front cameras on most cellphones.

3. A spacious screen that is useful for various situations

Open the Fold5 and you’ll be treated to a 7.6-inch screen that’s comparable to a tablet. This screen is ideal for users who need a large display when reading, such as when ordering food from a menu or viewing other information. Map navigation also looks clearer on the Fold5 screen, reducing the chance of getting lost.

We often use the Fold5’s large screen when it is open to edit photos and videos, as well as read digital books while relaxing.

4. Long battery life

One important thing that is needed from a cellphone for vacation is battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 can last more than 15 hours when used intensively, from taking lots of photos, navigation, browsing and accessing social media. This means we don’t have to look for a power socket when traveling.

5. Smoothly play all games

As one of the most sophisticated flagship cellphones this year, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 has the best performance for an Android smartphone. All games can run smoothly at the highest (or right-hand) graphics settings. The cellphone body also only gets warm when running heavy games like Genshin Impact.

The Fold5’s widescreen sensation also makes playing games more enjoyable. Moreover, Fold5 can also display games in full screen, providing a new experience. Games like CODM, Mobile Legends, PUBG, and so on, feel like new games when played on Fold5.

If you wish, you can even play games while monitoring your work from one screen at the same time.

If the Fold5 feels too big or exceeds the budget prepared, Samsung is also preparing a Flip5 which is more compact in size at a cheaper price of around 9 million rupiah. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5 are officially available in Indonesia with prices starting from IDR 15,999,000.



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