40 Latest Free Film Download Links September 2023 Replacement for IndoXXI and LK21

A collection of download links for the latest free films in September 2023 in Indonesia and abroad as a replacement for IndoXXI and LK21. (Image: News)

News – A total of 40 download links for the latest free films in September 2023 in Indonesia and abroad as a replacement for IndoXXI and LK21 will be presented in this article.

The film download links that AdityaTekno will share include links to Indonesian films, Korean films (drakor), horror films, the best action films, anime videos to the latest films in 2023, both streaming and downloadable.

This information is very suitable for those of you who like watching films or watching anime, so it would be a shame to miss it, considering that up to now there are still many cinemas that are still not allowed to open.

On the other hand, all Indonesian people are trying to return things to normal.

You need to know, previously the government had blocked several film watching sites. However, now several replacement sites have appeared that you can access for free.

The films published on several sites have various genres that you can watch via streaming or download so that at any time if you want to watch them again, you can just open the file. You can also choose the quality you want and some films also have subtitles.

So, to make it easier for you to keep a list of links to download / watch films, AdityaTekno has summarized below a list of film download sites that can be accessed as of September:

Collection of Latest Free Film Download Links 2023 Replacing IndoXXI and LK21

Collection of Latest Free Film Download Links 2023 Replacing IndoXXI and LK21. (Image: AdityaTekno Doc)
  1. Ganool.watch –
  2. Published21 – https://terbit21.tube
  3. Cinema45 –
  4. Shaanig – https://shaanig.site/
  5. Movindo21 –
  6. CinemaCool – https://download.bioskopkeren.sbs
  7. FilmOnline21 –
  8. IndoFilm –
  10. IndoMovies88 –
  11. CinemaCool –
  12. FilmOnline21 –
  13. LayarIndo –
  14. BioskopGaul –
  15. StudioFilm21 –
  16. Widescreen24 – https://layarlebar24.online/
  17. FilmApik –
  18. KawanFilm21 – https://kawanfilm21.wiki/
  19. DutaFilm –
  20. DramaSerial –
  21. DuniaFilm21 –
  22. Movieon21 – https://movieon21.info/
  23. GudangFilm –
  24. LK21tv.com – https://d21.watch/lk21tv-com//
  25. AWSubs – https://awsubs.sbs/
  26. AnimeIndo – https://animeindo.ch/
  27. OPLoverz – https://oploverz.fit
  28. Samehadaku – https://samehadaku.world/
  29. Anoboy – https://anoboy.show/
  30. Cinema45 –
  31. Shaanig – https://shaanig.site/
  32. Movindo21 –
  33. IndoXXI – https://navypilotsecrets.com/
  34. CinemaGold –
  35. CinemaCool –
  36. Hermes21 –
  37. SobatKeren21 –
  38. CIMAX21 –
  40. READYBOSXX1 – https://siapbosxx1.org/

Note: The sites above have different ways to download films, so you have to adapt them yourself.

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How to Download Videos and Films from YouTube via Savefrom.net

How to Download Videos and Films from YouTube via Savefrom.net. (Image: AdityTekno Doc)

As AdityaTekno said above, each site has its own method and stages when you want to download the film. However, there is one easy way to do this, namely using the Savefrom.net site.

Here are the steps for downloading videos and films from YouTube via savefrom.net:

  1. Open the YouTube site that shares the film or series you want.
  2. Then copy the link or copy the link.
  3. Open the site savefrom.netthen paste or paste the link that you have copied in the column provided.
  4. Select an option Enter. Select the resolution and format you want.
  5. Select an option Downloads to download the movie.
  6. Finished.

Note: Apart from using this method, there is a faster and more practical way to download videos or films from YouTube, namely by adding “ss” in front of the link to the film you want to download. An example is like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4344gh become https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=4344gh.

Attention! Please note that this site (savefrom.net) can only download videos from YouTube.

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That was the group list 37 Latest Free Film Download Links 2023 Replacement for IndoXXI and LK21 Indonesia and Abroad along with how to download films or series via savefrom.net. Hopefully this is useful and thank you for visiting. Greetings News

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