4 Easy Ways to Extend Telkomsel’s Active Period in 2023!

The active period of a Telkomsel prepaid card is the period during which you can use telecommunications services such as making calls, sending text messages, and using data packages. However, sometimes the active period of a Telkomsel card can end before you really want to replace it. In this situation, an extension of Telkomsel’s active period is necessary so that you can continue to use Telkomsel services without problems.

4 Ways to Extend Telkomsel’s Active Period

There are several methods you can use to extend Telkomsel’s active period. The following is a complete explanation of each method:

1. Top up Telkomsel credit

One of the most common ways to extend Telkomsel’s active period is to top up credit. When you top up credit to your Telkomsel number, the active period will be extended according to the nominal credit you top up.

For example, if you top up Rp. 50,000 in credit, your card’s active period will be extended for a certain period, such as 30 days. You can top up your credit in various ways, such as buying a credit voucher at a physical store, or using an e-wallet or internet banking application that is connected to your Telkomsel number.

2. Purchase Internet Packages

Apart from topping up your credit, you can also extend your Telkomsel active period by purchasing an internet package. Telkomsel currently offers various internet packages with different active periods. When you buy this internet package, your Telkomsel active period will be extended according to the active period of the package you purchased.

For example, if you buy an internet package with an active period of 7 days, your card’s active period will also be extended for 7 days. You can buy a Telkomsel internet package via the MyTelkomsel application, short message (SMS), or via the dial menu on your cellphone.

3. Activate Telkomsel Mobile Services

Telkomsel also provides mobile services that you can activate to extend Telkomsel’s active period. One popular moving service is the “Day For You” service, where you can choose one day of the week that will be your active day.

In this service, Telkomsel will extend the active period of your card for 30 days if you make an outgoing call or receive an incoming call on the day you choose. You can activate this service via the MyTelkomsel application or by dialing *363# from your cellphone.

4. Contact Telkomsel Customer Service

If you experience difficulties or have questions about extending Telkomsel’s active period, you can contact Telkomsel customer service. The customer service team will be happy to help you with the renewal process and provide the information you need. You can contact Telkomsel customer service via telephone, short message (SMS), or official Telkomsel social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Choose the method that best suits your needs and follow the steps given to easily extend your Telkomsel active period. By extending the active period, you can stay connected with friends, family and the digital world without obstacles.

Additional Tips to Extend Telkomsel’s Active Period

Apart from the methods previously explained, here are some additional tips that can help you extend the active period of Telkomsel:

1. Use the Card Actively

So that Telkomsel’s active period doesn’t end quickly, make sure you use your card actively. Make outgoing calls, receive incoming calls, send text messages, or use the data plan you have. By using the card regularly, you can extend the active period automatically.

2. Pay attention to the active period

Always check your Telkomsel active period. You can view this information via the dial menu on your cellphone or via the MyTelkomsel application. By knowing when the active period will end, you can take the necessary steps to extend it before it’s too late.

3. Use Reminder Services

If you are worried about forgetting to extend Telkomsel’s active period, you can use the reminder service. Activate the reminder via the MyTelkomsel application or register your telephone number to receive notifications via short message (SMS) before the active period ends. That way, you will always get timely warnings and can take necessary actions.

4. Follow Promos and Special Offers

Telkomsel often offers promotions and special offers to customers which can help you extend your active period at a more affordable price. Make sure you always follow the latest information regarding promos and offers via the official Telkomsel website, MyTelkomsel application, or their social media. Take advantage of these promos and offers to extend your active period economically.

So that’s an explanation of 4 ways to extend Telkomsel’s active period as well as additional tips for extending Telkomsel’s active period. Hope it is useful!.

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