4 Causes of the phone charger overheating, here’s how to fix it

Tech News – You may have experienced that when you charge your cellphone, the charger (charger adapter) actually becomes very hot. It’s actually very normal that when charging your cellphone, the charger becomes a little warm.

But it’s different if the temperature is too high. This could be a sign that your charging device is having problems. So, don’t take this kind of condition lightly.

Because, if you continue to use a charging device that has problems it could have fatal consequences. An overheated charger can reduce the life of your phone’s battery and other components. Potential fatalities that could occur, could cause a fire.

Here are some causes of a charger overheating and what you can do about it.

1. Incompatible or unofficial charger

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One of the most common reasons a charger overheats is because you are not using the right charger or cable for the device. The charger made for your phone is designed to provide the required amount of power.

In contrast to incompatible or unofficial cellphone chargers. Cheap and unofficial chargers are very susceptible to overheating. Therefore, you should always use the charger that came with your cellphone.

2. The charger is damaged

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It’s actually rare for a charger to break if you use it correctly. However, over time, this condition may occur.

Damage to the charger could mean the device can’t handle the power or voltage flowing through it, causing overheating. When you find out that your charger is damaged, you should immediately replace it with a similar type recommended by your device brand.

3. Cable is damaged

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If the cable is damaged, this can also cause the charger to overheat. Sometimes, cable damage is visible to the naked eye. For example, the cable protector starts to peel off.

If you experience a condition like this, you can test the charger with another cable to find out whether the charger is still too hot. If your charger is normal, you should immediately replace the cable. Again, use the cable recommended by your cellphone brand.






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