3 Ways to Overcome Google Drive Limits and Their Causes

How to overcome Google Drive limits can be done in several ways. This can be done using a cellphone or you can also use a laptop to make it easier to handle it.

Please remember, this method of overcoming Google Drive limits must be done periodically. If not, Google Drive will easily fill up and ultimately cannot be used for storage or downloading.

The reason is, when you download a file from Google Drive, usually the file will also be saved in your Google Drive account. So as time goes by and you continue to download, your Google Drive storage will become full.

How to Effectively Overcome Google Drive Limits

1. Deleting Unnecessary Files

The first way to overcome Google Drive limits is to delete files that are no longer needed. Comb through the folders in Google Drive one by one then delete them by following the steps below:

  • Right click on files.
  • Choose Remove.

This method is still not finished because the files will be in the Trash folder. So the concept is almost similar to computers because deleted files will not be lost permanently.

To remove it permanently, you can immediately follow the steps below:

  • Select Folder Trash on the left side.
  • After logging in, you can select the files to delete.
  • Right click, Permanent Delete.

Actually, if you enter this folder it will be deleted automatically after 30 days. But there is no need to wait if the memory is too full.

2. Perform a Premium Upgrade

Another way that can be done to overcome the limits on Google Drive is to upgrade. This can be done using the steps below:

  • Open Google Drive.
  • Click Buy Storage.
  • Select a plan which are desired.
  • Make payment.

Quoting from the site EzTekno.com that if you use the free version, you already get 15 GB. Meanwhile, if you use the premium version, you can choose monthly or yearly.

The lowest monthly price is around IDR 27,000. By paying this fee, you will get additional memory up to 100 GB.

3. Offline Backup

The final way to overcome Google Drive limits is to do an offline backup. This can be done if you have a large amount of external memory and it is not being used.

Carry out the download process one by one on the files you really want to move. You do this by pressing the file then right clicking, selecting the download button to carry out the download process.

Do this one by one on large files. Meanwhile, files that are small in size can be downloaded directly as 1 because they will automatically go into Rar.

Causes of Google Drive Filling Up Quickly

1. Download often

Some people don’t know why the Google Drive they use gets full so easily. Even though they don’t save anything and only use it for the purpose of creating documents.

The thing that makes Google Drive full is when you download any files that use Google Drive hosting. When you download automatically, files will be added to Drive without you realizing it.

2. Lots of data uploads

If you upload large amounts of data, especially in the form of videos or images, there is a possibility that Google Drive will easily become full.

Because basically the free version is limited to a maximum of 15 GB. Unless you buy a premium version such as a monthly subscription, then you will have a total of 115 GB or more.

3. Rarely Delete Unneeded Files

Deleting unnecessary files can also make Google Drive full. Make sure that after downloading anything, immediately delete it permanently as discussed previously.


Actually, how to overcome Google Drive limits is quite easy to do. In general, there are two choices, namely deleting files or adding memory but having to pay a subscription fee.

All the solutions above can be done easily even for beginners. But the most important thing is that at least you know what the cause is first so you can find a solution effectively.

And by knowing how to solve it, you don’t need to worry anymore when you can’t download files from Google Drive because you experience this limit problem.

That’s a short article on how to overcome Google Drive limits that you can try. Hopefully this is useful and good luck!






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