3 Ways to Get TikTok Shop Coupons for Beginners

As a new user, many are confused how to get tiktok shop coupons easily. If you are one of them, please follow this discussion until the end, because we will thoroughly review the TikTok shop, especially how to easily get coupons for shopping.

Tiktok, which is known as a social media platform, is indeed profitable for users, how could this application not appear as an entertainment medium, source of information, video sharing and as one marketplace which is popular with young people, it is known as tiktok shop.

Like other buying and selling applications, TikTok makes various efforts to attract consumers such as live streaming and various coupon offers, unfortunately some of them are laymen and don’t know how to get TikTok shop coupons. As a solution, we will provide a way to get coupons and shop easily at the TikTok shop.

How to Shop at Tiktok Shop?

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Because it was originally used as a social media platform, it is difficult for users to use the TikTok shop feature, especially when they want to view and checkout products. Before knowing how to get a TikTok shop coupon, you must know the easy steps for shopping here:

  • Previously, you were required to have a TikTok account and register for the TikTok shop
  • There are two ways to shop on TikTok, by looking for a store and when the live broadcast is running
  • First, click on shop and you are directed to type the name of the shop and the item you want, then click on the shop to see the description of the goods and images that the shop has previously set.
  • Click buy now and choose the color and requirements according to your needs, select the payment method and click make an order to confirm your order.

Like the method above, you can also shop when watching a live broadcast by joining the stream and looking at the yellow basket in the bottom left corner of the stream, look for the product you want then click buy now, make payment as above.

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How to Get Tiktok Shop Coupons

It has become commonplace that users are reluctant to check out goods when they don’t get a coupon. Don’t rush to shop on other platforms, TikTok also provides coupons that can be used according to shop conditions.

The coupons that TikTok shop users generally receive are in the form of free shipping, so we say that consumers are reluctant to shop because they feel burdened by shipping costs. For this reason, here are 2 ways to get TikTok shop coupons for those of you who don’t know:

Find Stores That Have Promotions

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Finding a shop that is having a promotion is the first way to get a TikTok shop coupon. It’s not without reason that shops provide discounts and promotions that must be claimed first, of course the shop has taken into account the possibilities that might occur, such as the ratio of capital and profit.

Apart from that, Stores need regular customers for that they attract them with coupons. You must have shopped repeatedly at the same store because at first they gave attractive coupons. Here are several ways to see shops that are having promotions on TikTok Shop:

how to get tiktok shop coupons
  • Go to tiktok and click the magnifying glass/search icon at the top
  • Please type in keywords free shipping A video post marked free shipping will appear
  • If you have found a video with a suitable product, click on the video
  • The basket in the image above will appear, please click and view product
  • Usually stores attach several products in the display case, click on one of them and see the price. If you intend to checkout the product right away, click and select the variation and color you want.
  • Next you are directed to order summaryhere will be listed the total coupons received and the nominal payment paid, if you agree, select the desired payment method, complete the purchase by clicking make an order.

Shop at Live Stores

how to get tiktok shop coupons when live streaming

Tiktok supports product marketing by live streaming, As a buyer, it’s certainly more fun to shop when the shop is live. One of the advantages is that you will see product details, a picture of when it is used and of course this method helps so that you are not disappointed when the product arrives in your hands.

It turns out that shopping while live provides double benefits, shops compete to market this way so it’s not uncommon for them to say “promo valid while live” just imagine you can requests product in try on and get attractive coupons, for that, do the following ways to get TikTok shop coupons while live:

  1. On the homepage, click live to find all stores that are live
  2. If you have found it, please click on the stream to join the live, then click the icon display case As marked above, the items the shop is selling will appear
  3. Please select the product you need and click buy now
  4. You are directed to choose the variation, color and size of the product, please choose according to your needs then click confirmation
  5. After that you will see a summary of the order, if you get a coupon it will appear in blue writing like the image above, see the total purchase and select the desired payment method, click make an order That way you can successfully shop with TikTok Shop coupons.

Use Vouchers at Tiktok Shop

By finding a voucher at the tikotk shop you have the opportunity to get a discount on shipping costs, that’s really helpful, isn’t it?

How to enter a TikTok shop voucher

However, this voucher can be used successfully if you make a purchase according to the specified nominal amount, usually the minimum order starts from 50 thousand to 150 thousand. To use this voucher it is best for you to make simultaneous purchases so that the order nominal is sufficient.

Even though vouchers are not one way to get TikTok shop coupons, you can use this option to get a discount on shipping costs, here’s how:

  1. Enter the tiktok app and find it shop on the home menu
  2. Tap menu vouchers then select the voucher you want to use
  3. Next select product with the voucher you want to buy
  4. Select the number of products according to the minimum spend on the voucher you choose
  5. Click buy and select payment method
  6. Tap make an order and the voucher has been used successfully.

Using a TikTok shop voucher is very easy, right? Before you make a purchase, check first voucher menu so you don’t miss interesting offers from TikTok.

Why Can’t Coupons Be Used?

After knowing how to get a TikTok shop coupon, you will certainly be interested and want to try it, unfortunately some coupons don’t work. Before making a purchase at the TikTok shop, know the following applicable conditions:

Tiktok provides a free shipping feature that is automatically installed, with conditions Minimum order IDR 30,000 and delivery area to Java and Bali islands. Unfortunately, not all customers live in that area, if the discount is less or not according to the nominal value above, maybe your domicile is the problem.

So what methods can be used so that consumers are not burdened when shopping? Apart from the two methods above, you can buy goods at a shop that has the same domicile as you, of course the shipping costs are lower than at shops that are further away, for this reason you need to choose the shop carefully and not be in a rush.

Reasons Why Coupons Cannot Be Used Description
Expired The coupon has passed its specified expiration date.
Not eligible Coupons are only valid for certain products or services and you are not eligible.
Invalid Code The promo code or coupon entered may be invalid or manipulated.
Already used Coupons have been used before, and are usually only valid once per account.
Limited Use Coupons have limits on the number of uses per account or device.


How to Get TikTok Shop Coupons

Thereby how to get tiktok shop coupons easily, it is hoped that readers will be helped by the tips and short methods above so that they can get their dream item at an economical price, good luck!






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