3 Ways to Get the Latest Free Spotify Premium Access


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services today, offering digitally legal and copyright-protected music and podcasts. You can use Spotify for free or upgrade to the paid version to get access to wider features.

Spotify is available on various devices, including Android and iOS phones, laptops and PC computers. It’s not surprising that Spotify has become one of the most popular and favorite music streaming services, including because of its cool interface for music streaming services.

Spotify also comes with a mission, namely to unlock human creative potential by providing the opportunity to make a living from their works of art. In fact, the Spotify service has been established since 2006, and continues to develop as a popular music service until now.

Music on Spotify

As we know, there is a lot of music available on Spotify, there are even various kinds of music genres on Spotify, such as pop, rock, alternative, DJ, lofi, R&B, reggae, and many other music genres.

Your favorite songs, artists and music can be found on Spotify, you can even find podcast content from famous people, or you can upload your own podcast content that you create and other users can listen to it.

Apart from that, you can also create your own music playlist or even download music to listen to offline if you are a premium Spotify user, considering that you are using Spotify with more features and without advertising if you are a premium user.

Features on Spotify

On Spotify there are also many features that can help you enjoy music content on Spotify, such as various artists, albums and playlists on Spotify, sharing playlists on Spotify, recommendations for currently popular and newest music.

Apart from that, you can also download music to enjoy when you are offline, you can even enjoy podcast content that can accompany you when you are traveling.

Spotify Premium

As we know, on Spotify there are two types of account packages, namely free Spotify and premium Spotify accounts. To get Spotify premium you have to upgrade or subscribe to Spotify premium, of course with various package price options.

Talking about Spotify premium, quite a few users are wondering how to get free access to Spotify premium without buying a subscription. Of course, these are usually users who don’t have the money to subscribe to Spotify, or users who just want to try Spotify premium quality.

So how do you get free Spotify premium? How to get free Spotify premium access? How to get Spotify premium without subscription? How to get Spotify premium without buying? How to get Spotify premium without paying? For more details about this, you can just see the complete method below.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free without Subscription

For those of you who are wondering how to get Spotify premium for free without paying a subscription, it is actually possible, there are several ways you can try and they include the following:

1. Spotify Premium Trial

As we know, if you are a new Spotify user, you can open a free trial of Spotify premium for 30 days. To take the free Spofity premium trial, you have to log in to the web version of Spotify, then click free trial.

Next, you can click free trial, then you just have to verify your account and you will automatically get access to a free Spotify premium trial for 1 month.

2. Get Free Balance Online

Next, you can earn free online balance income from filling out paid surveys. You can use paid survey applications to get balances, so you can use the balance to buy or upgrade Spotify premium.

Some trusted and easy-to-use paid survey applications recommended by Tomtekno include the following. You can download the application in the Play Store or you can also use the link listed below.

Google Opinion Rewards :

By completing surveys on these applications, of course you will get paid, so you can use it to buy a premium Spotify package.

3. Using Modified Spotify

The final method is to use the free modified version of the Spotify premium application. You can get the application on the internet using your browser, then you just install the application on your cellphone.

Disclaimer: Please note that using a modified version of the application cannot be considered correct, because it could be detrimental, so if you still insist then you have to bear the risk yourself.

That’s what Tomtekno can convey regarding several ways to get free Spotify premium access without subscribing. I hope this article is useful and thank you for visiting.






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