3+ Ways to DM on Twitter (Send Direct Message)

How do you send a DM or direct message on Twitter? Maybe some of you still don’t understand how to DM on Twitter to your friends. That’s okay and there’s no problem, because you can still study the tutorial in this article.

DM or Direct Message is a private chat feature for someone with another user. This feature already exists on various social media sites and has become mandatory.

What is DM on Twitter

The term DM usually refers to social media Twitter and Instagram. Meanwhile on Facebook, the term used is PM (Private Message).

Maybe it has also shifted to Messenger according to the name of their chat application.

Whatever term is used, in essence it still has the same function, namely allowing users to chat with other users privately.

Is it difficult to DM on Twitter? Of course not and it’s very easy. You will definitely be able to do it immediately after following the guide below.

How to Send Direct Messages on Twitter to Many Users at Once

The following is an explanation of how to easily send DM to many users at once, so you don’t need to DM your Twitter users one by one. Just follow the explanation:

Step #1: Update Twitter to the latest version on the App Store / Play Store.

Step #2: Open Twitter and tab the DM section in the bottom right corner.

Step #3: Create a new DM by clicking the blue letter icon.

Step #4: Write down the names of the accounts you want to send messages to (maximum 20 people)

Step #5: Write down the message you want to convey.

Step #6: Then send the message.

Please note that messages in direct messages will be sent separately by the recipient.

Previously, to be able to send multiple messages in DM, Twitter would combine recipients into the same group.

How to DM on Twitter via iOS

The following are the steps for DMing on Twitter via iOS or iPhone:

Step #1: Open the Twitter app on your iOS or iPhone.

Step #2: Then log in to your account.

Step #3: Icon tabs Envelope and you will be redirected to the message.

Step #4: To create a new message, please tab icon Message.

Step #5: Enter the name of the user you want to send the DM to in the address box or in the name search field.

Step #6: After successfully finding the name, then click Next and write the contents of the message.

Step #7: The photo icon tab is for adding photos or videos and the GIF tab is for adding iOS Live Photos.

How to DM on Twitter via Android

DMs or messages on Twitter can be sent via applications that are already installed on Android. DMs can only be sent to people who follow you.

Want to know how, here is how to DM on Twitter via the Android application.

Step #1: Download the latest version of the Twitter application.

Step #2: Login to your account after the application opens.

Step #3: Icon tabs Messages in the bottom right corner or click a chat to open it.

Step #4: Next is the menu tab New Messages in the top right corner a list of friends you usually send DMs to will be displayed.

Step #5: Click the profile or name of the contact you want to send the message to. You can also write your username starting with the @ symbol.

Step #6: Next, click the menu Next in the top right corner.

Step #7: Then click Start a New Message and type the message you want to send.

Step #8: To add files or images, please click the icon GIFs.

Step #9: Please click on the menu Send to send the message.

How to DM on Twitter via the Web

If the application with the blue bird icon on your cellphone is deleted or accidentally deleted, you can send a DM using a computer by visiting the official website.

The following is how to send direct message on Twitter via Website directly:

Step #1: Open a browser on your computer, laptop or Android and visit the official Twitter website

Step #2: Then log in to your account.

Step #3: Then click menu Messages at the top of the main page.

Step #4: Then click options New Message and write the name of the other user you want to send the message to in the search field that will be displayed.

Step #5: Next click Next to continue.

Step #6: Write the contents of the message you want to send in the column.

Step #7: Click the icon GIFs to add files and a camera icon to photos.

Step #8: Then click Send or Airplane Symbol paper to send the message.

Step #9: Finished.


By utilizing the DM feature, it will make it easier for you to interact personally with friends or followers on Twitter.

One of the methods above can be used to send a DM. However, if any of your followers sends messages that are sensitive and disturbing, the messages can be deleted.

That is the explanation from the author that we have presented above, hopefully it is useful and good luck trying.






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