3 Mage Heroes Who Use Starlium Scythe Items

3 Mage Heroes Most Suitable for Using Starlium Scythe Items in Mobile Legends.

Please note that the Starlium Scythe item is new to Mobile Legends, the Starlium Scythe item is a combination of Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades.

So, this time we will discuss the 3 mage role heroes who are most suitable for using the Starlium Scythe item in the Mobile Legends game.

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1. Harleys

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First there are Harleys. This one hero mage is known to quite often attack his opponent with basic attacks.

This is not without reason because basic attacks can maximize damage when Harley uses ulti. With the Starlium Scythe, the damage inflicted by Harley will be even more painful.

This is because in the Starlium Scythe there are items such as the Calamity Reaper which can deal true damage. So Harley can maximize potential damage thanks to the Starlium Scythe.

2. Harith

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Next there is Harith who is also very suitable if you have to use new items such as the Starlium Scythe. This is because Harith relies heavily on basic attacks in his attacks.

With the Starlium Scythe, it can make Harith able to give true damage. Harith can even give true damage continuously.

Don’t forget that this item also provides additional cooldown reduction, mana regen and lifesteal for Harith. So with Starlium Scythe, Harith will be even more terrifying.

3. Gusion

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Finally, there is Gusion which is also very suitable for using Starlium Scythe. With this item, Gusion can deal real damage which is very painful for the opponent.

Gusion has been known to attack with skill. However, with the Starlium Scythe item, it can make Gusion’s basic attack even more painful.

That will make Gusion even more terrible. The reason is not only skills but basic attacks from Gusion can also deal deadly damage to enemies due to the presence of new items such as Starlium Scythe which is a combination of Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades.

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