2 Ways to Transfer Indosat Credit to Other Operators & Operators

How to Transfer Indosat Credit – How do you transfer Indosat credit? Can I transfer credit from Indosat to another operator? Are there admin fees when transferring credit? Find all the answers here. Please use the table of contents below to go directly to the topic you are interested in. Thanks.

Indosat is one of the providers in Indonesia that allows its users to transfer credit, both to other Indosat operators and to other operators.

The meaning of Indosat operators here includes prepaid Indosat (IM3 Ooredoo and Mentari Ooredoo) and also postpaid Indosat (Matrix Ooredoo Auto).

Various credit services will certainly be very useful. Apart from being an alternative transaction tool, sending credit to each other can also be used as a habit in the community, to strengthen unity.

You can transfer Indosat credit in at least two ways, namely via SMS and dial.

However, before going to how to transfer credit, you must first know the terms and conditions of Indosat. What are they?

Indosat Credit Transfer Terms and Conditions

The following are the T&Cs for the Indosat card credit transfer service:

  1. The Indosat card used to send and receive is more than 180 days old;
  2. The credit sender will be charged Rp. 600,-;
  3. The sender has credit of at least IDR 5,000 after the credit transfer process is complete;
  4. The card used to send and receive credit must be active (not valid for postpaid cards; Matrix Ooredoo Auto);
  5. The number of credit sent will be allocated to the recipient’s main credit;
  6. The active period of the credit recipient’s Indosat card will increase without reducing the active period of the sender’s card with the following conditions:
    • Transfer credit Rp.0 – Rp.5000, active period will increase by 0 days;
    • Transfer credit Rp. 5001 – Rp. 10,000, active period will increase by 3 days;
    • Transfer credit Rp. 10,001 – Rp. 20,000, active period will increase by 7 days;
    • Transfer credit Rp. 20,001 – Rp. 50,000, active period will increase by 15 days;
    • Transfer credit IDR 50,001 – IDR 100,000, active period will increase by 22 days;
    • Transfer credit Rp. 100,001 – Rp. 150,000, active period will increase by 30 days; And
    • Transfer credit Rp. 150,001 – Rp. 200,000, active period will increase by 45 days;
  7. There is an additional grace period of 30 days.

The terms and conditions above may change over time, as operators usually change internet package prices and grace periods.

How to Transfer Indosat Credit

As we mentioned above, there are at least two ways to send credit to Indosat; via SMS and dial up.

1. Send Indosat Credit via SMS

Here is how to send Indosat credit via SMS:

  1. Open the application Messages;
  2. Type SMS with format Pulse transfer (space) recipient number (space) nominal credit sent;
  3. Send the SMS to 151.

After following the steps above, usually you will get a reply SMS from the system in the form of confirmation and a token number. Please reply to the message according to the instructions provided.

2. Send Indosat Credit via Dial Up

The following is how to send Indosat credit via dial up:

  1. Type a number *123*151# then make a call;
  2. Type the number 1, then press the button send;
  3. Input the destination number, aka credit recipient;
  4. Press the button send;
  5. Input the nominal credit you want to transfer;
  6. Press the button send;
  7. Wait for the token number to enter via SMS;
  8. Reply to the SMS according to the instructions given; Then
  9. A notification will appear that the credit transfer process has been successful.

The final word

Thereby. That’s how to transfer Indosat credit, either to fellow operators or to other operators. The two methods above, when this article was published, were still working and were successful. However, if after following the tutorial above you cannot transfer credit or it fails, please just comment below.

Finally, transferring credit or sending credit to friends can be an anti-mainstream gift that might be more useful than giving them things they won’t necessarily use.






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