2 Easy Ways to Enter a WhatsApp Group Via the TikTok Link

How to Enter a WhatsApp Group Via the TikTok Link – therantnation.com. Recently, the way to enter a WhatsApp group is via link TikTok has become a hot topic of conversation among social media users.

The reason is that with this instant messaging sharing application, users can send messages not only personally but also via group.

One way to join the group is through link which is on TikTok.

2 Easy Ways to Enter a WhatsApp Group Via the TikTok Link

Not a few people want to join WA groups that are shared via TikTok.

Because you can search for important information or just for entertainment, for example messages, photos or funny videos from Twitter, Instagram and Telegram.

So how do you enter a WhatsApp group via link TikTok? Check out the steps below!

1. Via the Comments Column

This method can be chosen when someone wants join group WhatsApp via the comments column on TikTok, and it is said to be very easy to do.

Check out the steps below!

  • Open the TikTok application
  • Search for content and open the comments section that includes it link to join the WA group
  • Copy the URL
  • Open browsers in smartphones you and paste the URL
  • Delete the account name that was also copied along with the URL
  • After the account name is deleted, you will see “https://” then press enter to be able to join the group
  • Later you will be directed to go to the page to join the WA group
  • Click join to get it join
  • Finished

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2. Via Profile Bio

Apart from the comments column, the next way is through the profile bio.

The reason is that it is not uncommon for TikTok users to do this live streaming or write a comment to check link WhatsApp groups through profile bio.

Here are the steps!

  • Open the TikTok application
  • Open the profile that provides the URL to join WhatsApp groups in the bio section
  • Click on the circle around the profile photo or click on the account name
  • Once the profile is open, look at the bottom of the photo and click on it link in bio
  • Later you will be directed to go to the page to join the WA group
  • Click join to get it join
  • Finished

Why can’t you join the WA group via the link shared on TikTok?

After following the steps above but still failing and unable to join, there are several possible causes.

The first cause is because the admin of the group changed the invitation link URL, or changed the settings to not accept members from a shared URL.

The solution is that you can contact the group admin and ask him to add you to the group.

The second cause may be that the group members are full, so they can no longer accept new members.

The solution is just to wait until a member leaves the group.

Why can’t the link be clicked?

The URL listed in the comments column cannot be clicked, because it can only be clicked on.copy or copied.

So the only URLs that can be clicked are those listed on the website in the profile bio.

How do you join a WA group via a URL that can’t be clicked?

Copy and paste the URL in the Google search menu, or you can send the URL via the Telegram application.

Why was blocked from the group?

If you have successfully entered inside groups but suddenly blocked, there may be several reasons the admin removed you.

For example because spam or excessive promotion, placing duplicate advertisements, placing items that do not match the theme, leaving unpleasant comments, etc.

For this reason, always be careful and obey the existing regulations so that this does not happen issued.

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Method Share Link WhatsApp Group Via TikTok

Besides join or join, you can also share the WA group URL so that other people can enter easily.

However, in order to share the URL, you must first become a member and be an admin of the group.

If so, see the steps for share link below this!

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Find which group you want to share with linkhis
  • Open the profile then click on the invite via link option
  • Copy link which is listed on the WA display
  • Open TikTok then choose whether you want to share the URL via the comments field or profile bio
  • If you want to share via profile bio, open your TikTok profile then click the edit profile option
  • In the website column, enter the URL you copied earlier and then click save
  • However, if you want to share via the comments column, you only need to paste the URL that was copied previously post comment
  • Finished

Bonus! How to Enter a WhatsApp Group Without Link and Admin

If you want to join in a groups without going through a URL or admin, there is an easy way to do this, namely via QR codes.

Without needing to contact admin, here are the steps!

  • Ask friends who are there groups to reveal information groups by tapping on the subject. If not, tap and hold for a few seconds the group name in the column chat then click more options then select info groups
  • Select the invite via link option
  • Select an option QR codee, then ask your friends to share barcodes the
  • In order to enter groups through barcodes that, go to section home on smartphones then select Google Lens
  • Select the reader icon barcodeswait until the reader barcodes ready to scan
  • Direct the reader barcodes to QR codes appropriately
  • Click join
  • Finished

That’s how to enter a WhatsApp group via the latest TikTok link, namely via the comments column or profile bio.

You can choose one of the methods above, good luck!






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