16 Best Android Font Apps that are Easy and Free

Android Fonts App – therantnation.com. The monotonous and same-old appearance of Android smartphones sometimes makes users feel bored.

One of the things that quickly causes boredom is the font or writing on the cellphone that cannot be changed.

However, it seems that there are many Android font applications that can be downloaded for free, and installation is easy without needing to use it.root cell phone first.

With this advanced Android font application, you can change the font on your cellphone greatly easy.

There are various types, styles and shapes of cute and attractive Android fonts available, you just need to choose according to your character.

The appearance of your cellphone with a new font can also get rid of boredom, so that your smartphone playing activities are guaranteed to be even more exciting.

16 Best and Latest Android Font Applications

The various types, styles and shapes of fonts available in this Android font application are designed to change all the writing on your Android phone.

Starting from websites, chat, documents, applications, notes, and so on.

Just take a look at the following 16 Android font changing applications offered by therantnation.com.

1. HiFont – Cool Fonts Text Free + Galaxy FlipFont

There are more than 4000 fonts that you can choose from at HiFont in cute, comic, dark, love, sexy, pink, candy, to colorful.

Apart from that, this application also offers beautiful and attractive font colors, so you won’t get bored with the appearance of your cellphone.

2. iFont (Expert of Fonts)

iFont offers hundreds of interesting font types, styles and shapes to choose from.

The appearance of the application also seems very simple with the dominant color being white.

The font preview allows you to see examples of the font clearly, without having to click to see the details of the font shape.

You can also easily change the font size, from small to large.

3. FontFix – Free Fonts

Not only does it present hundreds of interesting fonts, the FontFix application has more than a choice of types, styles and shapes 4300 fonts.

Apart from that, there is a choice of theme colors that you can choose, starting from ocean, waterfall, vibrant ink, and many more.

4. Marshmallow Font for FlipFont , Cool Fonts Text

This application offers more than 3000 fonts for your Android.

The font styles are very diverse, starting from love, galaxy, pink, color font, sexy written, candy font, clean font, and many other font styles.

Apart from fonts, there are also cute emojis and smileys that you can use.

Every week, Marshmallow Font will always update the latest font types.

5. Font Changer – Cool Fonts Keyboard, Stylish Text

If you are looking for cool fonts to change the appearance of text and images on social media, you must try this application.

The Font Changer application not only offers more than 110 fonts, but also more than 140 unique texts.

Not only that, you can add text to the photos you upload.

6. Hand Fonts for FlipFont® free

As the name suggests, this Hand Fonts application provides various types of fonts handwriting.

It has a simple application display, so you can choose the type of font you want easily.

7. Fonts – fancy cool fonts & emojis

This application allows users to change fonts and also create cool text.

There are various types of fonts and text styles that you can choose from, with various text decorations such as emojis and cute symbols.

You can also change the font and text as you wish without needing to open the application first.

8. Cool Fonts – Font Generator & Font Changer

Cool Fonts has a simple application appearance.

This application allows you to change normal text into text with a stylish and cool font style.

Apart from that, there are various symbol options that you can insert in the text.

9. Color Galaxy Font for FlipFont , Cool Fonts Text

This application offers a choice of cool fonts with more than 3000 fonts.

The font styles are also varied, ranging from galaxy, comic, funny, candy font, clean font, colorful, love, and so on.

Apart from that, there are various choices of cute smileys and emojis that you can use.

10. Gothic Fonts for FlipFont Free

Do you like gothic style fonts? If yes, this Gothic Fonts application is a must try.

There are various choices of gothic style fonts to choose from.

Apart from that, this application can directly install the font you choose directly, without having to root the phone first.

11. Magic Font (2019) – Cool, Free, Stylish

Even though the choice of fonts offered is not as large as other Android font applications, this Magic Font application has quite good ratings and reviews.

Apart from supporting more than 15 languages, this application also has a Font Swap feature which functions to change fonts quickly and easily.

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12. Stylish Fonts

This Stylish Fonts application allows you to change fonts with a choice of more than 55 types of writing.

Not only that, you can also create cool text with more options 120 types of text.

You can also customize your writing with a variety of complete tools, symbols and emojis.

13. Cool Fonts for Instagram – Stylish Text Fancy Font

Do you want to have a different text display every time you update social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

There are more than 140 cool fonts to choose from, with a composer feature that allows you to use different font styles at the same time.

14. Creative Fonts

Kreativ Font is a font management application that has hundreds of cool and unique font styles and types.

Apart from that, you can choose icons and font themes which you can easily change as you wish.

Various themes ranging from indie themes, skills, midnight, and various other hot and newest themes can be chosen according to your needs character You.

15. Font Rush

If you like typography and want to design images with a variety of interesting and unique font choices, the Font Rush application is the right choice.

You can be creative with more than 250 types of fonts ranging from retro, handwritten, vintage, decorative, brush, calligraphy, curly, modern, and many more.

Apart from that, there is a wide selection of beautiful and instagrammable images that you can choose as the background for your writing.

16. Cute Font for FlipFont , Cool Fonts Text Free

The last Android font application that you can try is Cute Font for FlipFont.

As the name suggests, this application offers a wide selection of fonts in a cute or funny style.

Apart from that, you can also change the font size easily, from small to large big.

Of the various Android font applications above, which one do you like the most?

Come on, download it immediately and choose according to your own taste!

And make sure it has lots of good star ratings, so you don’t disappoint later.






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