15 facts about laptop batteries that you must know

Tech News – Maybe many users don’t pay attention to laptop batteries. So far, most new users will pay attention to the laptop battery when a problem occurs.

For example, when the battery runs out quickly, the laptop must always be plugged into a power source. Even though the battery plays a very important role in the performance of a laptop. Below, Tech News has summarized a series of facts about laptop batteries that you must know, summarized from various sources.

1. Laptop batteries have an average of 450-500 charge cycles.

2. When the laptop battery is stored under heat, the battery will drain quickly. It’s the same when you use your cellphone in bright sunlight.

3. Third party laptop batteries are 40% to 60% cheaper than original batteries.

photo: unsplash/panos sakalakis

4. Laptops like Dell and MacBook have the longest battery life, up to 18-19 hours, on a single charge.

5. Keep the battery level between 30% to 80% for best performance and longer battery life.

6. Most older laptop batteries have 18,650 AA batteries. But now, most laptop batteries are made from thin sheets of lithium ion.

7. When playing games, try to always connect the charger.

8. SSDs have no moving parts. Upgrading your old laptop with an SSD will work more efficiently and use less storage than a hard drive.






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