14 Best Sophisticated Solar Panel Applications on Android

Solar Panel Application – therantnation.com. A solar panel is a device that is able to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy using the effect principle photovoltaic.

To help with understanding, installation and operation, you can easily download the solar panel application via your Android cellphone.

And you can learn it, because there are still quite a few specialists or experts in the field of solar panels, so it opens up a lot of opportunities Good.

To use solar panels, of course you have to understand and understand how solar panels work, one of which is with the help of a solar panel application.

Because there are so few experts or specialists in the field of solar panels, the price required to call them if you need help is definitely not cheap.

So instead of using other people, it’s better if we learn from the solar panel applications that therantnation.com will list below.

14 Best Solar Panel Apps on Android

For this reason, just take a look at the following best solar panel applications that you can learn and learn autodidactically.

1. Solar Tilt

The Solar Tilt application can help you calculate the tilt angle, because in order for the solar panels to work optimally you have to keep changing the angle of the battery.

Solar Tilt helps you to calculate tilt angle based on date, season, etc latitude position.

The Solar Tilt application is also able to show the tilt angle based on your GPS location.

If your GPS is not active, you can use the manual method, namely entering the date and latitude.

2. SolarCT – Solar PV Systems Calculator

SolarCT is an application that can help you provide a general overview and calculate all your solar panel needs accurately.

Starting from the tilt angle, orientation, amount of time, to energy consumption.

Apart from that, the SolarCT – Solar PV Systems Calculator application is also able to provide reminders or a reminder to you regarding the next solar panel tilt angle.

You can also calculate how much energy you can get in a certain time.

3. Solar Panel System Plan

The next application is a Solar Panel System Plan.

The Solar Panel System Plan application will help you with the operation of solar panels in your home.

The features offered are quite complete, starting from:

  • Solar panel diagram
  • How to make solar panels
  • Basic wire diagram
  • Solar panel installation
  • Installation diagram
  • Wiring diagram
  • Electric circuit diagram

You don’t need to be connected to the internet to be able to operate this smart application.

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4. PV – Solar Power System

PV – Solar Power System is a solar panel calculating application that can calculate energy based on panels, tilt position, connections, calculations, and usage.

In the PV – Solar Power System application you can also learn how to connect panels in a form series and parallel.

You can also change the tilt angle of the solar panels using this PV application.

5. My Solar Panel Lite

If you want to install solar panels at home or anywhere, this application can help you make decisions before installing solar panels.

My Solar Panel Lite offers quite complete information and features, starting from:

  • Optimal tilt angle
  • Optimal orientation
  • The total area of ​​the entire panel
  • Categorize electricity costs

How to use the My Solar Panel Lite application is quite easy, just determine the location, design your solar panel, then you can see the results.

6. PV Forecast: Solar Power Generation Forecasts

The next application that can be used to help manage solar panels is PV Forecast.

The PV Forecast application is able to provide predictions of the amount of electricity flowing from your solar panels based on hourly counts, for the next 48 hours and during next 7 days.

You don’t have to be at the solar panel location to be able to use this application, because the PV Forecast: Solar Power Generation Forecasts application can be connected wherever you are.

7. Optimum Tilt Angle For Solar PV Panels

Optimum Tilt Angle For Solar PV Panel allows users to calculate the tilt angle of solar panels based on the most precise latitude and longitude.

With the Optimum Tilt Angle For Solar PV Panel application you can use manual or automatic location systems.

8. Solar Calculator

The Solar Calculator application can calculate how many solar panels and power are needed based on your solar panel consumption patterns.

The Solar Calculator application has a simple design, with the addition of attractive images to make it easy for users to understand its users.

The Solar Calculator application presents results in the form of total power used every day and month, recommendations for the number of panels, battery recommendations, and the level of system efficiency.

9. Optimal Tilt Angle for PV System (Free App)

Do you want a solar panel management application with an elegant and simple design? You must try Optimal Tilt Angle for PV System.

The Optimal Tilt Angle for PV System application provides accurate and optimal tilt angles for your solar panels.

Available features include optimal daily tilt angle, optimal monthly tilt angle, optimal orientation, and on-site inclinometer.

10. Solar Calc – Solar PV and Electrical Calculator

Solar Calc provides quite complete features for those of you who use solar panels.

You can see the tilt angle of the solar panels from wherever you are, daily and monthly tilt angle data, daily and monthly insolation level data, solar panel orientation, and much more.

The application design looks simple and attractive, presented complete with explanations in the form of charts and tables.

11. Solar Calculator by EverGreat Production

The smart application Solar Calculator by EverGreat Production is no less functional.

Solar Calculator allows users to calculate and find out the amount of electrical power based on daily and weekly usage.

The Solar Calculator application by EverGreat Production can provide complete details regarding the equipment needed so that solar panels can run optimally, starting from batteries, inverters, etc.

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12. SolarTester

SolarTester is a solar panel simulation application that is fairly complete and accurate.

The SolarTester application can provide system predictions and estimate the amount of solar panel energy based on installation method, design and also cost.

The features presented include solar panel simulation with shading modeling, sun direction analysis, saving reports in PDF form, and much more.

13. Solar Home – Rooftop Solar PV

The Solar Home – PV Solar Rooftop application has a simple display so it is easy for users to understand, specifically designed to be able to calculate the capacity of your solar panels. need.

You only need to enter the location on the map, enter the average monthly electricity consumption, enter the monthly electricity costs, then enter the estimated electricity costs you want after installing the solar panels.

Later Solar Home – PV Solar Rooftop can provide details and solutions for you.

14. Solar Energy Calculation

The Solar Energy Calculation application can calculate the number and area of ​​solar panels based on your electrical power consumption.

Solar Energy Calculation provides calculation data in the form of total panel area, solar panel efficiency level, and performance ratio.

Of the various solar panel applications above, which one is the easiest to learn autodidactically?

Come on, let’s learn immediately so we can get more knowledge about solar panels 🙂






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