13 Instagrammable Cafes in Sentul View Gunung, Very Comfortable

For those who want to hang out in the Bogor area, there are many cafes in Sentul with natural views. This area is a tourist destination surrounded by mountains. So it’s not surprising that there are cafes that are popular and fun.

The Sentul area is also not too far from Jakarta, so the cafe always gets busier every day. Apart from the serene natural atmosphere, several cafes also provide the best coffee and food menus.

List of Cafes in Sentul that are More Hits

Currently, Sentul has become an area visited by tourists because it has many cafes. Visitors usually come to just chat with friends or even work and do assignments.

1. Finch Coffee and Restaurant

First, there is a cafe in Sentul, the famous cultural park called Finch Coffee and Restaurant. This cafe has a spacious and magnificent building, suitable for large gatherings. The building design is modern with an industrial style.

The food choices offered are quite diverse, ranging from snacks, Indonesian food, to western food. The atmosphere of the cafe is very comfortable and suitable for relaxing and resting. Those interested can go directly to Jalan Achmad Adnawijaya, Teagl Gundil, North Bogor.

2. Melting Pot

Melting Pot is a cafe in Sentul which has a unique concept. By adapting a traditional concept, this cafe seems very homey, like being in the countryside. Plus its location on top of the hills perfects the atmosphere.

In this cafe you can find a hut equipped with seating. The entire interior and furniture are made of shiny wood. To enjoy a different atmosphere, please visit the address in Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang District, Bogor.

3. Dakiba

The next hit cafe in Sentul is Dakiba which is famous for its Korean-style culinary menu. The interior is decorated with modern aesthetic knick-knacks. This cafe building is dominated by white and minimalist architecture.

This cafe is so unique that many visitors often take selfies and take instagrammable portraits in several spots. The location is on Jalan Siliwangi Number 1, Taman Budaya, Sentul, Bogor.

4. Warung Nako

If you are looking for a cafe in Sentul that is cheap and good, try visiting Warung Nako. The concept is made like a shop but with a modern cafe building. This cafe is famous for its home-cooked menu like the ones in warteg.

The entire food menu at this cafe is affordable and fits your pocket. Accompanied by a calm and cool cafe atmosphere, guaranteed to make you feel at home. The cafe’s address is Jalan Pajajaran Indah V Number 7, Baranangsiang, East Bogor.

5. Pancar Garden Sentul

Pancar Garden Sentul is a cafe that has a mountain view. The location is also in a mountainous tourist area, so the air is cool and cool. The menu provided ranges from snacks to restaurant-style food.

This cafe has an outdoor area that offers views of Mount Pancar. Meanwhile, downstairs there is a restaurant which is often used as a place for family meals. Address is Jl Raya Bojong Koneng, Babakan Madang, Bogor.

6. D’Ubud

D’Ubud is a cafe in Sentul with a Balinese feel which is conceptualized with an outdoor area in the middle of rice fields. When you visit, you will feel like you are in Ubud with panoramic views of the beauty of the mountains and rice fields.

Even more unique, the D’Ubud cafe is also decorated similar to buildings in Bali. This cafe uses checkered cloth and umbrellas as decoration. Those interested can go directly to Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor.

7. Popolo Coffee

Popolo Coffee is one of the busiest cafes in Sentul. Most young people hang out at this cafe because it has a contemporary concept and building. Even though it has a modern concept, there are many tall trees around the cafe.

In fact, the location is in the middle of the forest, so you can enjoy the natural scenery while hanging out. Apart from the fun atmosphere, Popolo Coffee also has instagrammable photo spots. The address of this cafe is Jalan Loader Number 9, Baranangsiang, East Bogor.

8. Les Miettes

The next recommended cafe in Sentul is Les Miettes which is famous for its aesthetic buildings. This cafe is made with a minimalist but very attractive design. There is a vintage touch in the interior as an attraction.

The food served is also delicious with the best seller menu, namely cookies. Usually visitors do assignments and work in this cafe. For those who are interested, you can directly visit it on Jalan Siliwangi, Taman Budaya, Sentul.

9. Richie Garden Resto

For tourists who want to find a resort with cafe facilities, you must visit Richie Garden Resto. In this cafe you will be presented with views of the mountains which are still pristine and beautiful.

The location is at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level so extra energy is needed to get to this cafe. Even so, when they arrive at the cafe, visitors will not be disappointed because the food menu is complete. The cafe address is on Jalan Gunung Batu, Bojong Koneng, Sentul.

10. Foodpedia

Foodpedia is a cafe in Sentul that has live music every night. This cafe is famous for its relaxed atmosphere with lots of bean bags for seating. Some visitors also often have candle light dinners here.

It is also equipped with children’s play facilities, so you can bring your little ones. The atmosphere in this cafe is very romantic, especially in the outdoor area. The location is at the Bell’s Place Hotel, Cijayanti, Babakan Madang District, Bogor.

11. Fresh Rice Fields

Unlike other cafes in Sentul, Sawah Segar offers views of rice fields and traditional food menus. When visiting you will feel like you are staying at grandma’s house and eating hot mendoan.

The atmosphere at this cafe is similar to the Ubud area in Bali, which is famous for its expanses of rice fields. As far as the eye can see the visitors will see the beautiful green scenery. Located in the Bojong Koneng area, Sentul, Bogor.

12. Finch Coffee and Kitchen

Meanwhile, visitors who want to enjoy a variety of foods from Asian to Western can come to Finch Coffee and Kitchen. In addition to a variety of menus, this cafe is also suitable as a place to hang out.

In this cafe there are indoor and outdoor areas with a modern building concept. If interested, you can immediately visit Jl Pakuan, Sumur Batu, Babakan Madang, Bogor.

13. Edensor Hills Cafe

Lastly, there is Edensor Hills Café which is famous for its natural scenery around it. This cafe is located in a hilly area with cool temperatures. Every day the cafe is always crowded with visitors from outside the area.

Not only the beautiful scenery, this cafe is also made with a European-style interior. The location is in the Bojong Koneng area, Sentul, Bogor.

There are so many cafes in Sentul, you can find them in every corner of the city. Besides being able to be used for hanging out, these cafes are also suitable as tourist destinations with family on weekends. Accompanied by the cool and calm atmosphere of Bogor.

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