11 Additional Maxim Applications So Gacor Gets Orders

Additional Maxim application for fun for ojol (ojek) drivers on line) is important. Because these applications can create accounts drivers they were flooded with orders.

The greater the number of orders entered, the greater the income earned. However, getting lots of orders continuously is not as easy as expected.

So that your online motorcycle taxi account gets busy with orders, there are several additional Maxim applications that you should try. Check out the explanation below!

Maxim Additional Application for Gacor

Maxim Additional Application for Gacor

The Maxim application is currently a tough opponent for Grab and Gojek in motorcycle taxi services on line. The advantage lies in the more affordable costs without having to spend a lot of money. You can download the Maxim app from Play Store or App Store.

The price difference between Maxim and platforms taxibike on line others can reach IDR 5,000 per trip without taking into account promotional discounts. For this reason, more and more people are interested in using Maxim, but competition among drivers is also becoming fiercer.

To increase the number of orders received, it turns out that there are several additional Maxim applications that you can use as a driver. What are the applications?

One of Maxim’s additional applications for fun that Maxim drivers should not miss is MyMaxim. This application is official and issued by Maxim itself.

The general aim is to help motorcycle taxi drivers on line in managing their orders more efficiently. MyMaxim provides a variety of very useful features for drivers, including:

  • Displays a complete list of existing orders.
  • Manage driver work schedules.
  • Allows direct communication with Maxim customer service.

With MyMaxim, drivers can make better use of their time. With an easy-to-use interface and complete features, this application really helps drivers improve their productivity and quality of service.

This application owned by Meta is one of the most famous instant messaging applications and is often used by motorcycle taxi drivers on line. WhatsApp makes it easy for drivers to communicate directly with their customers.

By using WhatsApp, Maxim drivers can send text messages, make phone calls, and even make calls videos with customers directly. This allows them to quickly notify customers of pickup times, pickup locations, or other additional information.

Maxim Biar Gacor Additional Application – GPS Locker

As a motorbike taxi driver on line, you must install the additional Maxim application for gacor. This application has a very important role in ensuring the smooth flow of orders entering your account.

Imagine if you were in a mini markets and someone orders Maxim services near your location. However, the order was actually taken by a driver who was located elsewhere. This can happen because the system is on servers Maxim failed to recognize exactly where you were.

This can happen because your phone can’t lock on to a stable GPS signal, which means the signal keeps switching between satellites. When the satellite change process occurs, the cellphone needs time to process the exact location of the satellite before sending it to servers Maxim.

This is why the GPS Locker app is very useful and important to install on your phone. This application works by locking one satellite as the source of your location information, which will then be sent to servers Maxim.

That way, the time needed to recognize your location is much shorter and more efficient. This allows orders within your radius to be received properly.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a map and direction application that is often the choice for online motorcycle taxi drivers. This additional Maxim Let Gacor application helps drivers find customer locations and destinations more smoothly.

The Google Maps application is especially useful when you are not very familiar with the passenger pick-up area. This app provides very practical voice guidance, so you don’t have to stop repeatedly to check which direction to take.

Not only that, this application also provides information about when to make a turn, or if there is a better alternative route. Apart from that, Google Maps also provides reports on traffic conditions on the route you choose.

Apart from Google Maps, Waze is also a navigation application. However, this application is useful for drivers who already know their destination. The Waze application can offer the fastest route options that drivers can take.

Waze also has the ability to recognize streets with odd-even rules. This helps drivers to choose the lane that matches the vehicle plate number they have.

If the route you choose is affected by flooding or an earthquake, the additional Maxim let Gacor application will display information that the road is restricted. Then, the application will suggest safer alternative routes.


Sometimes, motorcycle taxi drivers on line use smartphones with limited specifications. This can result in delays in performance because there are too many applications running at the same time. Maxim’s additional application for gacor, called Greenify, has the following benefits:

  • Optimize RAM usage to increase phone speed.
  • Stops running applications to reduce battery power consumption.
  • Stabilizes cellphone performance.

With the great features of this app, drivers can use their phones more smoothly. This helps improve their performance and increase customer satisfaction.

This application has great benefits if at any time Google Maps and Waze experience problems, and cannot determine your exact location. Why does this happen?

Because the GPS device is on smartphones You have not calibrated properly. Maxim’s additional application for Gacor provides information about the condition of the GPS signal directly.

It also allows you to see how many satellites your device is connected to and how accurately the position can be determined. With the help of this application, you can more quickly find the location of passengers to pick up.

Even though the weather cannot be controlled, by using this application, drivers can check the upcoming weather forecast. That way, as a driver, you can be better prepared.

For example, if AccuWeather indicates that it will rain this afternoon, you can prepare rain coats for yourself and your passengers. So, you can make customers more satisfied with your service.

  • Connection Stabilizer Booster

Maxim’s additional application for gacor is designed to maintain connection stability on the device used. This will result in a more stable data connection. That way, when an order comes in via your cellphone, the order can be taken smoothly.

To take advantage of this application, you just need to download it via Play Store and open it. This application has a small size, only 3 MB, so it will not burden your device.

The Ping Tools Pro application has the main focus on increasing the stability and strength of the internet network on your smartphone device. However, this application does not stop at just that aspect.

Ping Tools Pro also has the ability to evaluate ping levels before and after activation. If your internet network shows a satisfactory level of strength and stability, the results will be very positive.

Your Maxim account will become more ‘gacor’ with an abundance of orders coming in. This will of course also have an impact on increasing your income.

For drivers, having a strong network connection such as 4G is very important. To ensure you are always connected to the 4G network, you can set the network through the default settings on your smartphone.

However, if your device does not have this option, you can use Maxim’s additional application called Force LTE Only. This application will force your phone to stay connected to the 4G network. Make sure that the SIM card with the quota you are using is inserted into the main slot.

Tips for Maximizing Maxim Driver to Gacor

Tips for Maximizing Maxim Driver to Gacor

Apart from using the various additional Maxim applications that have been mentioned previously, there are several tips that you need to apply so that your Maxim Driver account gets busy with orders. Apply the tips below to make your account even more fun!

1. Maintain Good Ratings and Reviews

Ratings And review from passengers greatly affects your reputation as a Maxim driver. Tips for maintaining a good rating are as follows:

  • Maintain professionalism and provide the best service to passengers.
  • Try not to refuse orders unless there is an urgent reason.
  • Be polite and responsive to passenger complaints.
  • Obey the rules and Maxim policies.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is always in good condition and kept clean.

2. Optimize Location and Working Time

To get more orders, it’s important to optimize your locations and working hours:

  • Get to know Maxim’s frequently used passenger destinations.
  • Choose busy times such as work hours or weekends.
  • Explore new areas to open new opportunities to get orders.

3. Participate in the Maxim Incentive Program

Maximize your income by joining the Maxim incentive program. The tips are:

  • Make sure you meet the terms and conditions of the incentive program.
  • Try to achieve the targets set.
  • Take advantage of the incentive program schedule to increase income.

4. Activate the Re-Request Feature

Re-Request Feature or Re-Request allows you to get a new order after a previous order has been cancelled. Here’s how to activate this feature:

  • Log in to your Maxim Driver account.
  • Open menus “Arrangement”.
  • On the settings page, find the option “Repeat Request” and activate it.
  • Set the maximum distance to submit a new order request after a previous order has been cancelled.

5. Activate the Auto Accept Feature

One effective way is to activate Auto Accept or Auto Accept Feature. This feature allows you to receive orders without needing to press a button “Accept”. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to your Maxim Driver account via the Maxim Driver application.
  • Open menus “Arrangement”.
  • On the settings page, find the option “Automatic Acceptance” and activate it.
  • Adjust the farthest distance to receive orders and the shortest distance from your position.


Maxim Additional Application for Gacor

All the tips given above can be further improved by utilizing the 11 additional Maxim applications that we discussed at the beginning. Thus, you can increase your account activity and add to your income from Maxim.






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