10 list of Android games to increase brain intelligence and IQ abilities

Collection of Android GAMES to increase brain intelligence- Playing games for some people is considered an activity that wastes time or is a waste, even though playing games can be very useful when we want to relieve boredom between work routines or other leisure activities, then playing games via smartphone could be the best solution for killing your time. but what you should know is that actually playing games can trigger or improve the performance and abilities of several parts of our brain because when playing games one part of our brain works faster and is more responsive so this triggers an increase in the IQ abilities of game players in this case use The game is still in a fair stage.

By frequently stimulating our brains to work faster, it is not impossible that this can improve our performance in other areas such as work, problem solving or matters related to decision making. In fact, some developers deliberately design and create games that are intended to increase the IQ abilities of their users. If you are curious about what games can increase intelligence and IQ abilities, then check out our article this time which will discuss a complete list of the 10 best Android games for increasing intelligence in the summary and review below.

  1. GAME Brain It On – Physics Puzzles

This game has difficulty levels up to level 95 starting from the easiest, namely level 1, you are tasked with completing the puzzle arrangement until it becomes a complete image, for the first level it feels very easy but just try it until the level gets higher so you will definitely find excitement and challenges In this game, for those of you who are interested, please download the game on Google Playstore for free.

  1. GAME Brain Dots

How to play this game is actually quite simple, you only need to form an image to hit the balls at each stage. Yes, maybe at the initial level of this game you can complete it easily, but as the level increases it is not impossible that you will rack your brain to complete it, in this game you will be given various features such as being able to collect various kinds of pencils from black to various colors and pens. to draw. Download this game on Google Playstore.

  1. Infinity Loop Games

The infinity loop game is actually better known to Windows PC users because this game is supported on various OS platforms such as iPhone, Android or Windows. This game has a game method or procedure with 2 stages, the first is your task to keep each existing block from colliding or touching so that you can pass to the next level and the second is your task of making each existing block touch each other. Interesting, isn’t it? If you are curious, it’s a good idea to try this game by downloading it on Google Playstore.

  1. Roll the ball

Playing this game turns out to be quite challenging because you will be tasked with directing a ball into a red box so that each level is completed, but to complete this game requires hand speed and fast brain speed, not to mention there are various obstacles that could hinder the mission. You have to lock up the ball because there are lots of hidden items in it. If you’re curious, you can download this game for free on the official Google Playstore market place.

  1. Unblock Me Free Game

The way to play this game is actually almost the same as the game above, namely “roll the ball”, except that the main target used to complete the mission in this free unblock me game is a red box which you have to get out of the arena to complete each level.

  1. CurrentStream

How to play this game is also quite simple. To complete each level, you only need to create an electrical path that makes the light bulb turn on. You will be bothered by various obstacles to create a cable path that requires the lights to stay on, the way to play is quite simple, just tap the cable and direct it to become the electric path.

  1. Interlocked Games

This game that sharpens the brain is also quite exciting with a quite challenging way of playing, you will be given the task of turning a building into a separate building, when playing this game you will be given a clue by being able to see the surroundings of the building so that your task will be completed. it’s getting easier, if you are interested in playing it, please download the Game Interlocked application on Google Playstore.

  1. Game that level Again 3

The brain teaser game That level again 3 in is also quite interesting, because this game basically continues the success of the previous That level 1 and 2, now in this latest series the That level game provides tasks that at first glance are quite easy but not as easy as it sounds even though you only play it up. then go forward and back, but this game is very troublesome for users and is quite challenging so it really sharpens the brain, if you are curious to play it, please download this game for free on Google Playstore.

  1. Plumber (plumber)

This game is quite popular so it has quite a lot of users, but not many people know that this game can also make users hone their brain abilities and intelligence. The way to play is simple by making a water channel so that the water can continue to flow, to be able to complete each level. in this game you have to be creative in fixing obstacles and problems so that the pipes remain connected and can carry water to the destination, if one of the channels or turns is blocked then the water will overflow and a flood will occur. So, your job is to avoid this, it’s easy, isn’t it? This Plumber game.

  1. Word hunting game+

This game made by a domestic developer is also quite popular and fun to play. In fact, the task of completing this game is quite simple, just by stringing together the hidden words. This game is quite draining of our brain capacity and memory from our vision. You can download it on Google Play Store for free.

Well, above we have summarized and reviewed games that can make our brains smarter. Hopefully this article on the list of the 10 best Android games to increase IQ and intelligence will be useful for you and remember to play enough games and know the time limit… okay that’s all from me. Thank You.






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