10 Game Number 1 in Indonesia in May 2023, Let’s Play!

As a gamer, sometimes it crosses our minds and the question arises “what is the number 1 game in Indonesia?” The answer is quite difficult because we have to know exactly how many players there are for each game.

However, there are several ways to find out. One way is to look on social media for what games are being widely discussed at the moment. Apart from that, we can also browse the list of popular games on the Google Play Store. That way, at least we can get the picture.

So, for those of you who are looking for information about which Android games are the most popular at the moment, we have summarized them in this article. The following is a list of the number 1 games in Indonesia 2023 according to the Google Play Store.

1. I’m a catfish farmer

In the top position as well as the number 1 game in Indonesia at the moment, I am the CATFISH FARMERS. From the name alone, we can already guess that this is a catfish farming life simulation game.

Yup, games developed by developers KAJEWDEV This will invite you to feel the thrill of being a catfish breeder or cultivating via an Android phone. As a catfish farmer, of course you have to buy seeds and feed them every day until the catfish are ready to be harvested.

You can use the money from the catfish harvest to buy decorations and manage the land you have even better. In addition, there are several types of catfish that you can collect. Starting from ordinary catfish to rare legendary catfish.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Next, game number 2 in Indonesia is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This analog MOBA game is very famous for its “toxic” players. Even though it has been released for a long time on mobile devices, ML games still exist today. Even the number of players continues to grow from time to time.

As the most popular MOBA game, the developer always releases new heroes and adjusts the abilities of each hero so that players don’t get bored. Apart from that, there are also various exciting events with prizes that will certainly make players feel at home.

Are you one of the Mobile Legends players? Please write in the comments column below.

3. Higgs Domino Island

In 3rd position is held by Higgs Domino Island or commonly abbreviated as HDI. This game, which is known as the “gentlemen’s game”, has a very large number of players, most of whom come from teenagers, adults, to the elderly.

Yup, don’t be surprised if you find Higgs Domino players at almost every hangout. There are several types of games that you can play to fill your free time and increase your emotions. Starting from card games to “luck machines”.

When this article was written, Higgs Domino had been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Play Store. Are you one of them? Please write your experiences, ups and downs while playing this game in the comments column.

4. Latto Latto 3D Clackers Master

The 4th position is held by Latto Latto 3D Clackers Master. Who doesn’t know the viral toy Latto Latto? Mimin is sure that you must have heard of it and even played it often.

Yup, this game that many Indonesian children played went viral and at the same time inspired local developers to make a mobile game version. One of them is the developer Own Games from Bandung which is also famous for the Tahu Bulat game.

In this game you can use various forms of latto latto. Starting from the usual latto latto, basketball, earth, emoji, to LPG gas cylinders. Curious to try it? Let’s play and become the highest scorer among your friends.

The popular Android game in 5th place is Football League 2023 which was developed by MOBILE SOCCER. If you are a fan of soccer games on Android, you must try this game.

Football League 2023 is an offline game that you can play without an internet connection. So it is perfect for those of you who want to spend your spare time in places that are hard to reach with an internet connection.

In terms of graphics, it’s not very detailed, but it still looks good. So this game feels quite light and can be played on almost any smartphone.

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6. FIFA Soccer

In 6th position is the FIFA Soccer game developed by the developer ELECTRONIC ARTS. As one of the best soccer games, the admin is sure that you already know the title of this game.

Yup, FIFA Soccer was already known on console devices such as Play Station, XBOX, Nintendo, to PC. Until finally released on mobile devices a few years ago.

In terms of graphics, there is no doubt, you will be spoiled by the amazing visual quality which is almost close to console quality. So to play this game smoothly, make sure your cellphone has high enough specifications.

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7. Free Fire

The number 1 game in Indonesia in 7th place is Free Fire which was developed by Garena. This game, known as the dotted game or the little kid’s game, has successfully reached the top position as the most popular Battle Royale game in Indonesia. Even now it is able to beat PUBG Mobile.

If you ask why is the ff game busy playing? one of the reasons is that Free Fire has simple and light graphics, so you don’t need a cellphone with high specifications to play it.

As we know, most games with high graphic quality will feel uncomfortable playing on an Android cellphone with medium to low specifications. This is a quite reasonable reason considering that most children today still use smartphones with low specifications.

8. Ludo King

In 8th position is the Ludo King game developed by a developer from India, namely Gametion. Ludo King is a classic board game that is well known and played by many children long before smartphones were invented.

Ludo King will invite you to feel nostalgic by presenting a game that is very similar to the original ludo. There’s even a very legendary snake and ladder mode.

There are several game modes available in this game, including: online multiplayer, local multiplayer against the computer (AI), and others. Even now, a voice chat feature is available that allows you to chat with other players around the world.

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9. Worms Zone.io

Game number 1 in Indonesia in 9th place is Cacing.io Zone which was developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. The game that was viral recently has been played by many streamers on social media.

How to play it is quite simple, your task is to eat as much food as possible so that your worms grow big and long. That way, you can easily coil up other worms to eat.

Even though it’s as simple as that, the real challenge is when your worm grows to be very big and it becomes difficult to control it. Your worm will observe if it hits other worms or hits your own body.

10. School Party Craft

In 10th place is School Party Craft which is similar to Roblox but offers light graphics and can be played on smartphones with low specifications. School Party Craft is an online life simulation game in cubic style.

In this game you will live a virtual life like in the real world. Starting from building houses, going to school, having fun with other players, chatting, to playing various exciting mini games in it.

So, that’s the number 1 game collection in Indonesia, which is currently popular on the Google Play Store version. For the record, this list will always change over time. And we will always update this article if there is a change in ranking.

Which is your favorite game? please write in the comments column below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they know about it.



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