10 Batman Villains Who Should Become Main Villains in the Next Film

10 villain Batman should be villain main character in the film live action The next/future Batman. REMEMBER! This list is in nature SUBJECTIVE.

For those of us who confess fanboy/fangirl Batman, of course we are now preparing to welcome September 16 2023. Because on that day we will celebrate Batman Day, aka Batman Day.

Batman Day (Dark Knight News)

Well, because I’m also one of you, it’s no surprise that I’ve started writing discussions on anything related to our favorite DC heroes.

And as the first discussion, I will discuss 10 villain In my opinion, it’s time to become Batman villain major in films live action The upcoming Batman. Here is the discussion!

Batman Villain Who Should Become the Main Villain in the Next Film

1. Professor Pyg

Professor Pyg (DC)

The first is Professor Pyg. If in the future Hollywood finally decides to make a film live action R-rated Batman (R Rated), villain this is what MUST become villain mainly.

The reason is that he is a sadistic psychopath wearing a pig mask who is obsessed with “perfecting” people. And the way to make this “dream” come true is by lobotomizing the person, even changing their gender, and permanently installing a pig mask on their face.

It is guaranteed that we will see many scenes of sadistic operations that will make us amused and horrified ourselves. Plus, even Batman will have far more opponents psycho from Joker.

2. Calendar Man

If we want to see a figure villain Batman whose modus operandi is not direct (not causing chaos on the streets of Gotham and fighting with Batman), then Calendar Man is the right figure.

Calendar Man in Batman is like the figure of Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in the classic 90s film, The Silence of the Lambs (1991).

He basically monitors all of Gotham City’s criminal activity from Arkham Asylum. More specifically, the cell room. Well, Batman often asks himself for help as a “consultant” when facing problems villain what is difficult for him to solve is the modus operandi.

The most top and legendary example is when he asked him for help in solving the mystery and the figure of a mysterious sadistic killer with the name “Holiday” in storyline top Batman comics, The Long Halloween (1996-1997).

So yes once again, if The Silence of the Lambs and the successful sequel films prove that villain whose modus operandi behind the cells, can be so intense and interesting, it feels like Calendar Man can also do the same as villain main character in the Batman film.

3. Deathstroke

Series Arrows (2012-2020), several films homevideo the animation (DCAU), as well Batman: Arkham Origins game (2013), has successfully proven that Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, is more than capable of becoming the main threat to Green Arrow or Batman.

And it’s not surprising. The reason is that Slade is a former military soldier who wasenhance making it much faster, agile, and powerful. He is also “used” to killing without any feeling of pity or remorse at all.

Even Batman often has difficulties and injuries when facing him. He also has an “ordinary person” background which can also provide high relevance to the audience who watch his film.

4. Two-Face

Okay, okay. Indeed a figure villain This two-faced man has appeared as one villain not only in Batman Forever (1995), but also in the most successful Batman film of all time, The Dark Knight (2008).

And yes, in both films, the characters have been adapted appropriately (regardless of version Batman Forever A little joking). But the problem here is, in both versions, he is technically not a being villain main.

In Batman ForeverTwo-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) must be various spotlight with Edward Nygma aka The Riddler (Jim Carrey). Meanwhile in The Dark Knights, well His character is played by Aaron Eckhart (Olympus Has Fallen), become secondary villain.

Villain the main film is none other than The Joker (Heath Ledger). So once again by looking at these facts, it’s time for Two-Face to become 100%. villain main character in the Batman film. He is more than capable of being a single, deadly threat to Batman.

Not only is he a cruel and sadistic figure, but he is also an old friend alter-ego Batman, Bruce Wayne. And the film from beginning to end can explore and play with this aspect from the beginning to the end of the film. Which is where it certainly will deliver experience special emotion for the audience who witnessed it.

5. Hush

Batman & Hush (FandomWire)

One more villain who has a personal relationship with Bruce Wayne. Hush, whose real name is Thomas Elliot or Tommy Elliot, is Bruce’s childhood friend.

The two of them are friends because their respective parents are both very rich figures. But yes, the similarities are limited to that. Because even though they both come from the same background/economic class, their lives are actually like heaven and earth.

Hush (We Got This Covered)

Specifically, Bruce’s relationship with his parents is very happy, while Tommy’s relationship with his parents (especially his father) is not at all.

As a result, one day, he had the desire to kill both of his parents so that he could inherit all of their parents’ wealth (so that his life wouldn’t have drama anymore).

After carrying out this plan, the father died, but the mother survived. This is because Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne, saved the life of Tommy’s mother. Seeing this, Tommy was very upset and then blamed and hated Bruce for the rest of his life.

After growing up, Tommy, who is now Hush, knows that Batman is Bruce. In short, the two often conflict with each other.

All of these explanatory/background descriptions can 100% be used as the main plot and also make Hush a hero villain major in the next Batman movie.

6. Azrael

Azrael (CBR)

Azrael, or a figure whose real name is Jean-Paul Valley, was initially described as a figure vigilante which you can say wants to help Batman.

Batman even went so far as to entrust Gotham to him. However after seeing the method at once code of conductWhen he was deemed too brutal and dangerous to many people, Batman returned to take over his position as guardian of Gotham.

In the end because of the difference code of conduct The two are so contradictory, the two of them are in conflict with each other. If storyline This comic was adapted into a film live actionit is guaranteed that not only will this neglect the figure of Azrael, but will also make it his Batman film fun very.

7. Talia al Ghul

Similar to the Two-Face case, Talia al Ghul has actually appeared in the film live action Batman. The specifics are The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

But 11-12 with Two-Face’s case, his figure is not a thing villain single. The character played by Marion Cotillard (La Vie en rose, Inception) in the film, must share spotlight with Bane (Tom Hardy).

Even if he becomes villain In the main film, he is as good as his father, Ra’s al Ghul. Even more interesting I think.

Because both in comics and non-film adaptations live action in others, she is told as the “legal” wife of Batman. And the two of them later had a child named Damian Wayne who later became a very crazy Robin.

Yes indeed, later on this will make the Batman movie smell a little bit dark rom-com or like Indonesian soap operas, but I can’t deny that if this aspect is brought to life on the big screen, this will provide freshness to the entire film adaptation live action Batman so far.

8. Hugo Strange

If you’ve ever played Batman: Arkham City (2011) and/or watch the series Gotham (2014-2019), surely you really know why figure mad scientist I have included this in this list.

Apart from those two mediums, his figure proved to be okay and capable of becoming villain main, also as we know it has a very interesting motif binti greget which could be a very single plot fun in the film.

Yes, that is true. His motive is that he is very obsessed with learning and uncovering Batman’s true identity. And when he finally found out who Batman really was, he became even more obsessed with finding out more about Bruce’s mental state.

The main thing is guysif he was villain primarily, the film will feel and look like a film Joker (2019) aka character studies.

9. Mad Hatter

Also as we saw both in Arkham gamesseries Gotham (especially this), and also the hit animated series Batman, Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1999), the Mad Hatter is more than capable of being one-of-a-kind villain main.

In fact, as we have seen in all the adaptations so far, the figure whose real name is Jervis Tetch is far more mentally ill than the Joker.

Because unlike the Joker, he is a figure neuroscientist which can make Batman or other targets immediately feel like a hallucination, even completely hypnotized through skills naturally or often through drugs or something device.

This is compounded by combining all of this with his madness and extreme obsession with classic stories, Alice in Wonderland.

Anyway, for me, it’s time for Hollywood to stop using the Joker and start introducing the Mad Hatter on the big screen. Anyway, all of you auto fans it’s so sudden!

10. The Court of Owls

Court Of Owls (CBR)

It’s no secret that for the most part listicle The Batman I’ve written on Our so far, I always seem to hope and adore this group.

And it’s not surprising. If you want to know the proof, please just read at least the first 3 comics from Batman New 52. You will be able to see why I’m not the only one who has long hoped that this group will be the only one villain major in the next Batman movie

Or if you don’t have time or are too lazy to read the comics, please watch the series Gotham or draw Gotham Knights. But yes, I highly recommend reading the comic.

Because in the comic it really shows how this group, which has existed in Gotham for centuries, watches over the entire city of Gotham. And they have their own controversial and cruel methods when they have to intervene to overcome the forms of corruption that occur in Gotham.

When Bruce Wayne finally arrived and was detained at their headquarters, he was completely exhausted, both physically and mentally.

Anyway, if you want to see Batman who has really lost and fallen so badly, there is no reason for Hollywood not to make The Court of Owls as the only one. villain starring in the next Batman film.

From 10 villain This Batman, which one would you like to see as villain main character in the film live action The next Batman? Or maybe you have another name? Please sharing yes guys!






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