0 Rupiah Free Internet Method on Android 100% Successful

Tutorial – How to get free internet for 0 Rupiah on Android – Have you ever thought that you could surf the internet without internet bonuses or credit? Well, this is not impossible because now tricks have been discovered on how to surf the internet with 0 credit and no bonuses at all. This trick is very popular and has been widely applied, the results are really great. We no longer need to top up credit or buy packages, we just need to use a tool that has been specifically designed to trick or look for weaknesses in internet operator providers. The name of the tool is the HTTP Injector application.

The use is the same as when using SSH on a PC, where the tools and materials are bitvise, ssh, and injector. However, especially on Android, its use is not too complicated. Just with the HTTP Injector, we can surf the internet for free as much as we like without buying credit or packages. So, this trick applies to all providers or starter cards, and in this tutorial, we will use a sample Telkomsel card, namely Simpati Loop. OK, let’s just start step by step How to get 0 Rupiah free internet on Android:

How to get free internet for 0 Rupiah on Android

Step 1:

First of all, please download HTTP Injector first CLICK HERE. After that, please install and run it.

Step 2:

Then while leaving the application open, you open the FB group providing the config which will later be installed in HTTP Injector (visit the group CLICK HERE). Then download the format file .ehi the latest updates. Don’t worry, every day there is a master who provides formatted config code .ehi in that group.

Step 3:

Then you open the HTTP Injector application again, then click the option (three dots) in the top right corner, then select import config.

Step 4:

Then please enter the formatted config file .ehi that was just downloaded in the FB group.

Step 5:

If it has been imported, you just click the button START. Remember, don’t change anything in this section. Then please wait until the connection process is complete.

Step 6:

Now, if the process is complete, you will see a notification that the network is connected with the words Connected. Good luck!


  • Make sure you download the config file (.ehi) with the latest update FB group.
  • After trying the trick above but it still doesn’t work, try deactivating your smartphone and then start the steps.






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