✓ 8 Best Free PC Audio Editing Applications 2021 Suitable for Musicians

This laptopnesia article will discuss the best PC audio editing applications that you don’t need to spend money to use. This application has various functions, including editing MP3s, giving effects, and recording music. For those of you who are pursuing audio engineering, perhaps you are familiar with audio editing. There is some audio editing software for PCs that is paid, but there is some that is free.

In terms of features, the paid ones may be more complete, but you can still maximize the free PC audio editing application. So, you don’t need to look hard, we will give you some recommendations. Please follow the following article.

8 Best Free PC Audio Editing Applications

1. Audacity

You may be familiar with Audacity because you could say this application is the most popular and oldest video editing application. For those of you who are used to the latest displays such as Cubase 9 and its contemporaries, seeing Audacity feels like returning to technology where you still use Intel Pentium 4 and below.

Even though it looks ancient and old school, this PC audio editing application has many features such as a voice recorder, import and export of various audio formats, has various effects, supports editing functions, and others. Operation also uses a keyboard so it is not difficult for beginners. Apart from that, the audio editing application on this laptop can be operated on all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

2. Studio One Prime

Stuio One is a product from one of the professional audio equipment manufacturing companies, namely PreSonus. Studio One Prime is a free version released by PreSonus. This DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software can be used to record multi-track, FX channels, and virtual instruments.

However, what is lacking in the free version is that its features are not as complete as the paid versions, Studio One Artist and Studio One Professional. For those of you who want to try and adapt to Studio One Artist or Studio One Professional, using this version can be an option for learning. The audio editing application on this laptop is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

3. Hya-Wave

This PC audio editing application is used online. HyaWave can record sound via microphone, keyboard control, and drag & drop audio files. HyaWave has a simple appearance and not as many buttons as some other DAWs. You can directly send your recordings to social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

As an online recording application, HyaWave is also equipped with various effects such as feedback delay, amplify and several others. Apart from that, you don’t need to pay or it’s free when using the HyaWave application.

4. Oceanaudio

The next PC sound editing application is Ocenaudio. This application is compatible with all operating systems. Apart from that, it is not difficult to use. Even though it is easy to use, Ocenaudio supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology) or plugins. Not only that, when you have finished working on a project, you can immediately show the results when changing it.

5. Podium

The sound editing application on this laptop is not only available in a free version, but also a paid version. The free version certainly has features that are not as complete as the paid version. Podium is also a very advanced DAW and audio editor so you have to adapt a lot to use it. As we previously said, there are feature cuts in the free version. You won’t find features such as Moxer 64 IT, multi-processing plugins, and others in the free version. The PC sound editing application can only be used on Windows.

6. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is an audio editing application on a laptop that can be used to convert the audio format you want. Apart from that, this application supports VST or plugin, and also multichannel wav files. To use it, you don’t need to install it. You just download and open it.

7. FL (Fruity Loop) Studio

For those of you who often play in the audio area, you must be familiar with this free audio software. Yes, FL or Fruity Loop is often used by electronic musicians to create music. This PC audio editing application has many plugins and a sophisticated search bar. For those of you who are beginners, you have to adapt and often play with this application for longer. This application is available in a free version, but if you want to get all the features, you have to pay monthly.

8. Ardor

A good audio editing software for those of you who want to make music or create content is a software called Ardor. This software can not only be used for Windows or macOS platforms, but also Linux. This free audio software provides many audio editing features such as recording using MIDI or a microphone. Not only that, there are features such as crossfades, swing, transposition, and many more.

Usually when you just buy an audio interface or soundcard, they usually provide free recording software. That’s the Laptopnesia article about 7 free PC audio editing applications. Hope it is useful!






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