√ Resident Evil 4 PC and GameCube Cheats in Indonesian

Game News – Resident Evil 4 is the best horror game of its time. It can be played on several platforms starting from GameCube, PC, Wii, IOS, X360, PS3, PS4, XONE and NS. What makes it more interesting is the realistic graphics and very tense storyline.

This game was very widely played in the 2000s on Playstation rentals. Some players even bought PS 2 memory to save where they played the game, so that when they play it again they don’t have to start over.

Each console also has its own cheat code, for now, you can find out the Resident Evil 4 PC and GameCube cheat consoles. You can only use this cheat at certain times or during very difficult steps.

Resident Evil 4 PC and GameCube Cheat Codes

The GameCube console and PC are clearly different. On GameCube, you are provided with a Nintendo stick with just a few buttons. Meanwhile for a PC, you have a keyboard and mouse. Cheat techniques are also different.

For PC, you can press things or enter certain codes, while for GameCube, it’s more about momentum.

Resident Evil 4 PC Cheats

In order for the cheat code to work, you must download “Trainer RE4 or Biohazard 4” or Resident Evil 4 cheat. For the download link, please download via the button below:

Password: androidgaul.id

Then open the Trainer or Cheat, then open the Resident Evil 4 game.

After that, enter the following HotKeys:

  • Press F1: to get unlimited blood bar
  • Press F2: to get unlimited bullets
  • Press F3: to dodge all enemy attacks
  • Press F4: to make 1 bullet you can immediately finish off the enemy
  • Press F5: to get 99999999 PTAS money
  • Press F6: save counter=0
  • Press F7: to freeze time counter
  • Press F8: to freeze some Zombies, but can’t freeze them all
  • Press F9: to start a new game using Wesker
  • Press F10: to delete all active cheats

After entering one of the Resident Evil 4 PC cheat HotKeys, immediately play this horror game.

Resident Evil GameCube Cheats

There is a special way to use Resident Evil cheats for GameCube.

  1. Get a Special Costume

Win your first game in Resident Evil 4 first, then for the second round of games a new option will appear that makes the game characters Ashley and Leon wear special costumes.
Where Ashley wears pop sensation clothes and Leon wears an RPD uniform.

  1. Get Free Ammo

You can get free ammo by upgrading the weapon capacity at the merchant. That way it will refill automatically. This is especially helpful with a TMP or magnum.

  1. How to Get Ashley to Call You a Pervert

When Ashley follows you, try to climb to a slightly higher part of the ground. Then climb up there, then tell Ashley to stay still under you.

Then approach Ashley where she is standing, try moving the C-Stick up to see Ashley. Later she will ask what Leon was looking at, Ashley will also call you a pervert.

  1. Get Free Eggs

Move to a location full of chickens or to a farm, then try resetting the game, reloading the file, and running around the chicken area in circles for 1 – 5 minutes. Later many eggs will come out.

  1. See the Hidden Resident Evil 4 Trailer

There is a hidden trailer that players may rarely be aware of. This trailer will appear in the title section, when you don’t press anything on the title screen display for about 1 minute, you will see a trailer that has never been played.

  1. Get Additional Money and Items

At every point in the game, you will often encounter various animals such as crows and fish. It turns out that these animals can be shot, and can give you certain items or different amounts of money.

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You can try Resident Evil 4 PC and GameCube cheats right away. But for PC-specific cheats, don’t forget to download the cheat file first.






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