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Now market transaction activities can be done online. The development of the times means that old habits will inevitably start to be slowly abandoned.

Actually, it’s not that it hasn’t been abandoned either, but the conventional market and the online market have their own segmentation.

Nowadays, many online shops or c-commerce services have emerged that offer a variety of tempting products and features.

And one of the biggest online shop services in Indonesia which we will discuss here is Lazada.

They always provide attractive offers, Lazada is not even stingy in holding events such as free shipping, discounts and even shopping vouchers.

You can find various types of needs in it, from food, clothing, furniture and many others.

It’s also called an online shop, sometimes there are still some people who are hesitant about making a purchasing decision.

They always reason that when the goods they order will not meet their expectations, then they are also afraid of becoming victims of fraud, because such cases often appear in the news, so that the stigma of society is increasingly indoctrinated by news containing elements of such advice.

But now that e-commerce in Indonesia has become more sophisticated, they can anticipate minor incidents that happen to their customers.

For this reason, if anything happens, customers can contact the call center Lazada to report the case complained of.

Lazada Call Center is complete and can be contacted

The various types of reports that customers often complain about when carrying out online shopping activities are, firstly, they always report that the goods arrived late.

Then they want to make a refund, and the next thing the item arrives is a defective condition.

Don’t worry, if you experience similar or other problems that really need help from the center, we provide a list of Lazada call centers that you can contact.

1. Lazada Call Center Telephone Number

If you want to get a quick response, customers can contact the Lazada call center at the following telephone number (021) 8064-0090 / +62 218 064 0090.

Once connected, Customer Service will answer all customer concerns quickly and clearly.

However, customers are still charged normal telephone rates to contact the call center. You can contact the call center for one week, namely Monday to Friday.

Times can start from 9 am to 9 pm. Meanwhile, on weekends you can contact from 9 am to 5 pm.

Want to call Lazada Indonesia Customer Service? Click the button below:

Lazada Branches (Per Country) Phone number
Indonesia +62 218 064 0090
Philippines +6 032 728 6600
Malaysia +632 795 8900

2. Lazada Indonesia WhatsApp number

Looking for the WhatsApp number for Lazada Indonesia customer service? Currently Lazada does not have a call center service via WhatsApp.

So if someone on behalf of Lazada contacts you via WhatsApp. Please be careful and don’t believe it first.

3. Lazada Indonesia Office Address

Lazada has a head office domiciled in Jakarta, if you want to confirm directly and the problem you want to report is quite serious.

Maybe you can visit the Lazada office located at Plaza Agro Floor 8-9, Jalan H. Rasuna said kav.x2/1, plaza great river, south jakarta, DKI jakarta, postal code: 12950.

By visiting this address, of course you have to accept the consequences, firstly, if it is far from your home location, be prepared to pay the cost of traveling there.

Not to mention encountering obstacles such as traffic jams, floods, rain and all kinds. And one more thing, if you are not interested, don’t misuse this address.

4. Call Center Email

Usually companies will recommend customers to send reports via email address.

For Lazada email address contact [email protected], by using this email sending method, Lazada will provide full feedback 24 hours a day and of course toll-free. But please be patient, because the response given may take quite a long time.

Want to send an email to Lazada? Click the button below:

5. Social Media Accounts

If you actively use social media, there’s no harm in trying to contact you via Lazada’s social media accounts held by each Customer Service.

Customers can report problems via the chat feature, direct messenger, or comments on Lazada posts.

The list of Lazada’s official social media accounts includes the following:

6. Chat with CS via Lazada account

Apart from the method above, the Lazada website also offers a 24 hour online chat service, to make a report you have to log in to your Lazada account first then chat with Customer Service.

Please press the button below to contact Lazada CS via your account:

The final word

Now you no longer need to be afraid of making online buying and selling transactions on e-commerce services, because Lazada has equipped its company with a Lazada call center feature that can be contacted at any time. Hope it is useful.






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