√ Latest DLS TR-Kabo Kit Home, Away, Goalkeeper Jersey 2023/2024

DLS TR-Kabo Kit – TR- Kabo is a combination of two professional League 1 football clubs, namely Persikabo and PS TIRA. Furthermore, these two teams have the name PS TIRA Persikabo. The merger between Persikabo and PS Tira occurred in 2019.

Persikabo itself was first founded on December 23 1973, therefore you will often hear the name Persikabo 1973. This football club is owned by PT Asikom Indonesia.

TR-Kabo has two home stadiums, namely Persikabo Stadium and Pakansari Stadium. Persikabo Stadium has a capacity of 15,000 while Pakansari Stadium has a capacity of 31,000.

Persikabo has a rivalry with the nickname Derbi Jabodetabek which is a match against Persija Jakarta. Matches between Persikabo and Persija Jakarta often cause chaos.

Apart from the rivalry with Persija Jakarta, Persikabo also has a rivalry with Persib Bandung and is nicknamed Derbi Pasundan.

TR-Kabo has supporters who call themselves Kabomania. Persikabo supporters have been established since 2007. Apart from Kabomania there are also supporters with UPCS which is an abbreviation for Ultra Persikabo Curva Sud which has been established since 2009.

DLS TR-Kabo 2023/2024 Kit Update

Below, sepakekno.com has collected the best Dream League Soccer TR-Kabo kits in file format .png so you can be sure it has HD image quality. The DLS kit that segitkeno.com shares consists of a home jersey, away jersey, goalkeeper jersey and logo.

DLS Logo TR-Kabo Kit


TR-Kabo Home Jersey DLS Kit


DLS Away Jersey Kit


DLS Home Goalkeeper Kit


DLS Goalkeeper Away Jersey Kit


How to Install the DLS TR-Kabo Kit

You can install the Dream League Soccer game kit via the Edit menu in the game. You can find this edit menu at the top right of the screen next to settings. If you have entered the Edit menu, select the Edit Kit > Custom Kit option.

In the Custom Kit option, you will find a blank page with a special platform. This special platform is a place to write the URL that sengtekno.com has shared.

After you enter the URL, tap the Confirm button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Wait a few moments until there is a “Success” notification then OK. That way the DLS Persikabo kit is installed.






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