√ Latest DLS Persija Kit 2023/2024 Home Away + Menpora Cup jersey

DLS Persija Kit – Jakarta Indonesian Football Association or better known as Persija is a football club from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. This club was founded before Indonesia became independent, namely on November 28 1928 under the name Voetbalbond Boemipoetra.

The team nicknamed Macan Kemayoran (Kemayoran Tigers) is based at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. This stadium has a capacity of 77,193 visitors after undergoing two renovation periods.

Initially the Bung Karno Gelora Stadium had a capacity of 110,000 visitors from 1962-2007. During the first renovation in 2007 the capacity was reduced to 88,306 and lasted until 2016. Then the final capacity since 2018 became 77,193.

Persija became one of the founding clubs of PSSI (All Indonesian Football Association) along with six other clubs such as BIVB Bandung (Persib), Mataram Sports Football Association (PSIM Yogyakarta), IVBM Magelang (PPSM Magelang), VVB Solo (Persis Solo), MVB Madiun (PSM Madiun), and SIVB Surabaya (Persebaya).

Persija has competition with the Bandung club Persib, whose rivalry has been going on for a long time. Even when these two teams compete, sometimes there is chaos and violence between supporters which damages the image of Indonesian football.

Persija Jakarta is one of the most successful football clubs in Indonesia with 2 Indonesian League titles and 9 League titles. Persija Jakarta has also never been in a lower league since the national competition began in 1930.

Latest DLS Persija Kit for 2023/2024 Season

The following Persija kit by sengekno.com can be said to be the most complete, because all jersey variants are available at once. From the common jersey to the Persija jersey during the Menpora Cup match. The team logo itself has also been included by jasatekno.com at once. Now you have all the most complete and of course the newest Persija kits.

Fun Facts:

When it was first formed in 1928 Persija had the name Voetbalbond Boemipoetra. On June 30 1929 it changed its name to Voetbal Indonesische Jacarta. Then in May 1942 it changed its name again to Pesidja.

Persija Logo DLS Kit


DLS Home Jersey Kit


DLS Away Jersey Kit


DLS Home Goalkeeper Kit


DLS Goalkeeper Away Jersey Kit


2021 Menpora Cup Persija Jersey DLS Kit

The Persija jersey for the Menpora Cup match actually has a design and color that is not too different from the jersey on the previous list. It’s just that the away jersey and goalkeeper jersey have busier writing patterns.

DLS Home Jersey Kit


DLS Home Jersey Kit 2


DLS Away Jersey Kit


DLS Home Goalkeeper Kit


DLS Goalkeeper Away Jersey Kit


DLS Goalkeeper Third Jersey Kit


Use of the Persija DLS Kit

The use of the Persija kit is of course to change the team profile design to have the appearance of the Perija Jakarta Football Team, through the team customization feature. That way, the logo and team jersey in your Dream League Soccer game have the identity of the Persija club.

You can access the installation of the Persija Kit itself via the Dream Leaue Soccer game section My Club > Customize Team > Edit Kit > DownloadThen Confirm to give commands to the game system to download the kit and install it.






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