√ Latest & Complete Way to Cheat God of War 3 on PS3

In the previous article, sengekno.com shared cheats for the game God of War on the PS2 gaming platform. So, on this occasion, sepaktekno.com wants to share God of War cheats again, but for those of you who play this game on the PS3 platform.

What are the cits that you can use in the God of War PS3 game or also known as the God of War 3 game? Here’s the complete review:

Cheat Codes – God of War 3

The God of War PS3 cheats below will give you a number of buffs, certain items, or weapons. The cheat details are as shown in the table below:

Trophy List Code
Fairy Queen Arc CFG-6CF-G59-HVG
Hades Talisman 6XF-Y6J-8KF-ALP
Pandora Loyalty ALP-6XF-Y6J-8KF
Spell Clarity JE8-LFI-KZK-HVG
Sword of Chronos N6C-EK8-GZK-HVG
Sword of Heaven N6F-LFI-KZK-HVG
Unlock Difficulty Levels o5c-899-tcx-ghb
Zeus Lightning J7E-28K-6XF-ALP

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Button Combination Cheat – God of War 3

More or less the same as the previous God of War PS3 Cheat Code, this Button Combination cheat will also provide buffs, items and weapons according to the cheat you entered.

Cheats Key Combinations Information
Unlock All Weapons ↑, ▢, ↑, ▢, ↓, ▢, ←, ▢ Enter key combinations during Combat Level
Unlock All Levels →, ←, ↓, ↑, ↓, →, ←, ↑
Get the Secret Weapon ▢, ↑, ↑, ↓, ▢, ↑, ↓, ← A blue portal will appear containing a Secret weapon
Infinite Health Weapon ←, ↑, ←, ↓, ▢, ↑, ↑, ↓.

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Cheat Tips – God of War 3

The God of War PS3 cheat tips that sengtekno.com shares below tend to focus on how to do things in the game so we can get what we want. Different from the two previous cheat methods which will give you something with diamonds.

Gameplay Tips

  • Use the “ buttonX” while in combat to defeat the enemy quickly.
  • Press the button “L3 + R3” to paralyze the enemy when you attack.
  • Press the button “△ + O” to activate the mode Super Speed.
  • Use the “ buttonO” to jump in the air and avoid your opponent’s attacks.
  • Complete the initial level to get 1000 gold coins.
  • Attack the enemy with modes Super Speed to get 100 silver coins.
  • Complete all the challenges in Difficulty Level to get 2500 silver coins.

Obtained a God Weapon

You can get the weapons below after completing the game God of War 3. Activate and deactivate the toggle in the Item Menu. Using divine weapons in the God of War PS3 game is the same as using cheats which will stop your trophies or achievements.

God Weapon How to get
Aphrodite Garters It is possible to continue using Athena Blades
Daedalus Schematics Unlimited use of items
Hades Helm Maximum health, magic and items
Helios Shield Increases hit counter 3x
Hephaestus Ring Auto win all context-sensitive attacks
Hera Chalice The health bar decreases very little, so it will never run out
Hercules Shoulder Guard Increases damage by one third
Hermes Coins Get 10x more Red Orbs
Poseidon Conch Shell Unlimited Magic
Zeus Eagle Unlimited Rage of Sparta

Unlocks Locked Features

Some features in the God of War game cannot be unlocked in any way. The only way you can open this feature is in the following way:

Locked Features How to open Information
Chaos Mode Complete the game in Spartan, God, or Titan mode.
Fear Kratos Costume Complete the game until the end. Using this costume will give 4 times the damage, but this feature is counted as a cheat so it stops trophies or achievements.






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