√ How to Reset Epson L360 With Application or Manually (Manual / Using Resetter)

A printer that fails to perform a print command is not only caused by the ink running out or the paper getting stuck.

Apart from that, the problems that arise in printer devices are very complex, this hardware even has a reset period when it is used excessively.

If the printer performs too many printing or print out activities, problems will usually arise and must be reset immediately.

Recognize the signs of the Epson L360 when it’s time to ask for a reset. Firstly, the printer will give a signal in the form of a flashing colored indicator light red.

Apart from that, the program in the printer hardware will provide a dialogue signal containing the message “it is time to reset the ink levels“, “it is almost time to reset the ink levels“, “Ink waste is full“, “service required“, And “Ink pad is at the end of its service live” on the user’s PC/laptop screen.

If your printer fails to carry out the command to print and instead the signs above appear, this means the printer must be reset immediately so that it returns to normal again.

Preparation: Before Resetting the Epson L360

Pay attention to several details first before you reset the Epson L360.

It could be that the main cause of the signal indicator above appearing is not from the printer which is time to ask for a reset, but problems arising from the points below:

  1. Check the ink tank, whether it is still there or not.
  2. Take a peek at the printer cartridge, make sure this part is in the correct position and is not clogged with dry ink.
  3. Take another peek inside the printer, see if there is any paper stuck in it or not. Because sometimes there are pieces of paper that get stuck between the printer rollers, and if left unchecked, these small prints will interfere with the print out process.
  4. Finally, make sure that the connected cables are not loose.

If everything is safe and you have confirmed that there are no problems with the points above, it looks like you have to reset the Epson L360.

Easy Way to Reset Epson L360 Printer

To reset the Epson L360 printer, there are 2 options that can be used. The first option, you can reset using the Epson L360 Resetter application.

Meanwhile, for the second option, you can reset manually by using the “Reset” located on the printer device.

To follow the method, please follow the steps below:

Method 1: How to Reset Epson L360 Using Application

In this first method, we will reset the Epson L360 printer using the Epson L360 Resetter which has been provided by the Kompiwin Team.

Many people have used this application and it has proven successful in resetting their printers. No need to wait any longer, please follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, please use the application to reset the Epson L360 printer via the download button above.
  2. Then, when finished, please extract the downloaded file.
  3. After that open the application named AdjProg.exe.
  4. In the initial display you can press the button Select first.
  5. Here please change the section Model Name with printer series L360then leave it Ports in position Auto Selection. Here, make sure your printer is on and connected to the PC.
  6. If so, press the button OK.
  7. Return to the initial display, please press Particular adjustment mode.
  8. Scroll to the menu Maintenanceand move the cursor to the tools section Waste ink pad counter. then press OK.
  9. Tick Play pad counterthen click the button Check.
  10. Check the section again Play pad counterand press the button Initialization.
  11. Wait until the process is complete, a message will appear turn off/turn on your printer.
  12. Please turn off and turn on the printer again.
  13. Finished.

Method 2: How to Reset Epson L360 Manually (Optional)

The second method for resetting the Epson L360 printer is manually. This method can be done by combining printer buttons, namely buttons Power And Resumes.

The advantage of this method is that it is much more practical because there is no need to download a special application file to carry out the reset command.

As for the complete steps, please follow the sequence below:

  1. First of all, please unplug the power cable and wait approximately 5 minutes. If so, you can plug the power cable back in.
  2. Turn on Epson L360 printer until the printer is in standby state.
  3. After that press the button Resumes, on Epson this button has an icon like the ink logo. Tap and hold for approximately 5 seconds, then release.
  4. Press the button Resumes Again, this time hold for 3 seconds then release.
  5. The printer will automatically reset itself, and wait until this process is complete.
  6. If successful, the red indicator light will no longer come on, meaning the printer has returned to normal.
  7. Good luck.
Additional information:

We highly recommend readers to use the first method.

Because if we use the application, the successful process of resetting the Epson L360 printer looks more clearly, like the Ink Pad Counter which has actually been reset to 0 again.

The final word

This is a guide and tutorial on how to reset the Epson L360 printer. The reset process is declared successful when the red indicator light stops flashing.

That means the Epson L360 printer is in normal condition and can be used again as before. Hopefully useful and good luck.






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