√ How to Download and Enter the Advance Server Free Fire Update 2023

How do I enter the 2022 free fire advance server? There are several steps in how to play on the newest free fire advance server. what are they? Continue reading articles from TumesKecil

The display with high graphics and the gameplay provided are full of challenges, making Free Fire one of the most popular battle royal games in the world. In fact, many previous games have been pushed down in rankings by this type of shooter game.

Most of the players of this game are children aged 13 to 17 years, but it is not uncommon for adults and even old people to play it. Apart from being entertainment, it can also hone our mental skills.

Free fire is an online game, and every online game has a special server whose role is to manage everything in the game for each player. Generally games have a special server for players, and one advance server for beta types.

Likewise with this free fire game, there is an advance server specifically for beta users.

Benefits of Entering the Free Fire Advance Server

There are several advantages if we as players enter the advance free fire server, including:

  • Latest appearance: Because this server is specifically for beta users, aka it is not yet official and is only an experiment, users will often get interface updates. If the regular server doesn’t have it yet, users of this advanced server will get it first.
  • Faster: In terms of server speed, it is also much faster, because it is not too burdened by the increasing number of users. On a regular server, the players are gathered on the same server, which often makes the game slower even if the internet connection is smooth.
  • New modes: Advance server has several new modes, and more available. Some of the modes available include Gun King and Bomb Squad.
  • More prizes: If on the regular server the prizes are very limited, on the advanced server you will easily get prizes if you have completed the mission. The prizes received vary, such as tickets or sometimes diamonds. You can also get free skins or diamonds by claiming the free fire redeem code
  • Additional characters: Even though you can’t immediately use new characters, users can get a peek at the characters that will be coming in the future.
  • Latest map: We can also update the leak of the latest map which will later be released on the regular server, so we know the route before the others.

How to Download and Enter the Free Fire Advance Server

Maybe friends can’t wait to know how to download and enter the advance server free fire update, just take a look at how to enter the advance server free fire:

1. Visit the page https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/ from your cellphone or laptop browser

2. Make sure the player registration date is not missed

3. Create an account, either with a Facebook account or fill in the form provided, then click Join Now

4. Download the advance server free fire apk which can be found here

5. When it has been downloaded, friends, please install it and then open the application

Click Login with the account that was created earlier in the previous step

Tara… Congratulations, you have entered the free fire advance server game and just play it

You can also compare with free fire games which are not advanced, see the various differences. You can be sure that it is more complete with features that are not in the regular version.

However, because this is a beta version, there are also sometimes reduced features. So we can’t enjoy these features in this version, but don’t worry, there are other additional features that are more complete.

How to Exit the Free Fire Advance Server

Questions and answers

What if the application crashes/errors/forces close/exits itself?

Do it step by step in the order above, if an error occurs and you can’t enter the game or the game crashes, you can re-download the application, install it and try entering again. There may be a problem when you download the game.

Problems can also occur because it is incompatible with your smartphone. Maybe because the software is too old, the Android version is outdated, or because the specifications are not capable of managing today’s applications.

What if the application often crashes?

If you have reinstalled it but still have bugs, there are 2 possibilities. Firstly, because the application is still in the development stage, so we have to wait for updates to eliminate bugs.

Will my Free Fire account be lost if I enter the advance server?

No, your account will not be lost

What if the application often crashes?


We recommend that you access the Advance Free Fire server in a more legal way, namely by registering first on this page https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/ to make it safer. Because the firee fire advance server is not always open, there are specific dates when the advance server starts and closes.

For details, you can check the message in your free fire mailbox, read the complete details there to be more updated.

The final word

That’s how friends can download and enter the advance server free fire update. Register now, because each period the number of users is limited, if you miss it, it will be difficult to get an opportunity like this again in the future.






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