√ Download the Best Bussid CBR 150r, 250rr, 600rr Mod

Download Bussid CBR Mod – CBR is a series of two-wheeled motorized vehicles produced by the Honda automotive factory. The CBR was first introduced in 1983. The CBR has several series such as the CBR 125R, CBR 150R, CBR 250R, CBR 300R, CBR 600RR, and many other series which are produced with single cylinder, inline twin, inline four engine types.

The CBR motorbike has many fans because it can be said to be a sports motorbike that has a low price. Very suitable for you beginner automotive hobbyists. Apart from its sporty design, the CBR also has a strong engine pull so it is very suitable for touring.

The popularity of the CBR motorbike has also spread to many elements, starting from the automotive world to the world of the Indonesian Bus Simulator game. Moreover, the Indonesian Bus Simulator game does support the feature of being able to enter other vehicle models, even motorbikes.

You can enter vehicle models up to motorbike models as long as you have the mod model. Therefore, in this article sepakekno.com will share some of the best CBR motorbike mods for you from various series.

Collection of CBR Full Anim Mods

Below you can download Honda CBR mods from several CC versions of the engine. The mod that sgeitkeno.com shares is equipped with full animation features. The mod that sengtekno.com shares is also 100% bug free. So displaying the CBR mod in the garage or in the game will not experience any problems.

Download other Bussid Mods:

1. CBR 600RR

Download CBR 600 RR Bussid Mod

2. CBR 150R 2021 Repsol Racing Rims

Download Mod CBR 150R 2021 Repsol Racing Rims

3. CBR 250RR Standard

Download the Standard CBR 250 RR Bussid Mod

4. CBR 150R 2021 Repsol Standard Rims

Download CBR 150 R Repsol Standard Rim Mod

5. CBR 250RR Trondol

Download Mod CBR 250 RR Trondol

Complete Link: Download various Bussid Mods Motorcycle

CBR Mod Installation

After you have finished downloading the Bussid CBR mod, you can immediately install it. So you can immediately play the Indonesian Bus Simulator game with this sports two-wheeled motorbike.

You can move the mod that you download to Internal Storage > Documents > BUSSID > Mods. Next, you can open the Indonesian Bus Simulator game then go to the Garage menu. So here you can find the mod that you installed earlier.

For mods that are still in .rar or .zip form, you can extract them first and then extract the results, especially those with .bussidmod files, you can move them to the location that segitkeno.com explained previously.






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