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DLS Persik Kediri Kit – Persik is an abbreviation of the Kediri Indonesian Football Association. This club comes from the city of Kediri, East Java and currently competes in Indonesia’s top league, namely League 1.

Persik Kediri has its main headquarters at the Brawijaya Kediri Stadium. The stadium, which was built in 1983, has a capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 spectators. This stadium underwent improvements in 2000.

Persik Kediri was first formed on May 19 1950 by the Regent of Kediri at that time, R. Muhammad Machin. Since its inception, Persik Kediri has achieved quite a lot of achievements. Both competitions in the league and competitions in Asia.

Apart from having many achievements, Persik Kediri also has several records regarding its decline, such as relegation to League 2, to being disqualified from participating in the 2015 ISL. However, currently Persik Kediri has returned to Indonesia’s highest league.

Persik Kediri has the nickname White Tiger and Laskar Jayabaya with the motto Djajati, or Panjalu Jayati which means Kadiri Wins. This motto is taken from the Hantang Inscription.

Persik Kediri also has loyal, fanatical and militant supporters known as Perikmania. Persikmania was formed in February 2010. Currently there are several derivatives of Persikmania, namely Brigata Cyberxtreme, Persik Militant, and the Peach Love Movement (GCP).

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DLS Home Jersey Kit


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How to Use the Persik Kediri DLS Kit

You can use the kit that segitkeno.com shares by copying the URL written below the kit image. Then paste the URL that you have copied into Edit My Team (next to settings) > Custom Kit. Paste the URL in the platform provided.

Next press the Confirm button. The process takes some time but it won’t be long. If the kit has been installed, a notification will appear.

That’s all for the distribution of Dream League Soccer kits for the Persik Kediri team, hopefully it will be useful and have fun playing.






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