√ 5+ Voice Changing Applications When Playing Online Games on Android Without Root

Is there an application to change your voice when playing online games to the voice of the opposite sex or special voices such as robot, monster, chipmunk, echo and ghost voices? The answer is, yes. Keep reading the article.

Apart from being aimed at disguising your character, changing your voice in the game is also useful for playing fun with your playing friends. Being able to prank friends with other people’s voices is certainly a pleasure for us.

The way this voice changing application works when playing online games is to process the voice input with voice changer technology and then output it in the form of a modified voice output.

So when this application is activated, all applications (calls, chat messenger, etc.) and games (PUBG, Hago, etc.) that have voice call-based features will all have their voices changed according to the settings.

Without further ado, here is a voice changing application when playing PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, CODM and other Android online games.

Recommendations for 5+ Hilarious Voice Changing Applications When Playing Online Games on Android Without Root

There are quite a lot of voice changing applications when playing online games on Android that you can use. Oh yes, for those of you who use a PC/laptop, you can also use the PC/laptop voice changer trick

Without further ado, here are some selected applications that we provide information specifically for you:

1. VoiceFX – MOBZAPP

Ratings : ★4.0

VoiceFX is the first voice changing application when playing online games on Android that we recommend for you.

It has quite a lot of powerful features, including live sound player and changer, microphone streaming to games and media players, record and play back, save and share, and sound changer from existing audio files, such as music or other audio.

The resulting audio effect is not half-hearted even if we use the free version. Among them are robots, girls, boys, aliens, children, autotune (so you can sing even though you can’t sing hahaha), squirrels, sheep, caves, drunk people, space, slow & fast, and monsters.

2. Voice Changer Mic for Gaming – StereoMatch

Ratings : ★3.0

In fact, this application called Voice Changer Mic for Gaming is intended for gaming devices such as PS4, PC and XBox. However, with additional devices, this application can be used on Android smartphones.

This is because Android does not allow 2 applications to use one mic together. So you need another Android device and Y-Splitter to run it.

There are 14 high quality sound effects produced by the voice changing application when playing this free online game because it has a noise gate filter. All of these sounds will still run in the background properly even if the screen is off.

Some of the services that are compatible with this application are PC gaming, XBox gaming controller, PS4 gaming controller, mobile games, Skype, Discord, cosplay and telephone calls.

3. Voice Changer with Effects – Baviux

Ratings : ★4.4

The sound processing technology produced by this “voice changer with effects” application is very good, the response time is high, and the sound produced is also very clear.

It has been downloaded by more than 100 million Android users and has received a pretty good rating of 4.4, proving that many people are satisfied with this application.

Even though it has a very light size, only 6.4 MB, the effects produced by this voice changing application when playing online games are numerous, more than 40. Among them are zombies, giants, helium, aliens, squirrels, space and other animal sounds. special.

This application even has another cool feature, namely creating various sound effects just from text.

4. Voice Changer – AndroidRock

Ratings : ★4.1

“Voice Changer” by AndroidRock is the most popular voice changing application on Android which has been downloaded by tens of millions of people with a high rating of 4.4.

So there’s nothing wrong with us making this application one of the best voice changing applications when playing online games on Android.

The sound effects produced are quite varied, including the voices of squirrels, hoarse people, robots, women, men, and several other funny effects.

Having a fairly simple interface, this application also has simple features such as recording sound, giving effects to audio files, saving and editing sounds, and sharing on social media.

5. Robovox Voice Changer Pro – Mikrosonic

Ratings : ★4.4

This voice changing application when playing online games has a very good appearance, is simple and has quite a lot of features, but unfortunately we have to buy this application to be able to enjoy the features in it.

Because this is a paid application, of course the features and service updates will continue to be updated by the developer.

For around IDR 25,000, you will get more than 30 kinds of funny, unique and scary sounds. There are 3 different modes that we can use, namely realtime (must be with headphones), recording, and parrot.

So, besides being able to use it for games, you can also share your voice recordings in the form of wav files or can also be used as ringtones.

The final word

These are several types of voice changing applications when playing online games on Android, each with its own unique features. If you’re confused about which application to choose, it’s better if you try them one by one and then compare the results. After that, use the application you selected earlier when you’re playing games with friends.



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