√ 25 Most Complete Indonesian Empire Earth Cheats 2023

Game News – Empire Earth is a real-time strategy game that has been around for a long time. Developed by Stainless Steel Studios and Mad Doc Software, it is also published by Sierra Entertainment, Vivendi and Activision. Some people also say that this RTS game is similar to Age of Empires.

However, as I previously reviewed in the Stronghold Crusader game, the average strategy game has a fairly difficult level of difficulty because we will be faced directly against the computer.

It must be quite annoying considering that we have planned what we will do, but in the end we always lose. Even though a game is entertainment where what a player wants is victory and ease in playing the game.

But there’s no need to worry, because there are also Empire Earth cheats available that we can use to beat the computer. With several cheat codes in complete Indonesian below, hopefully you can understand their use better.

Empire Earth Cheat Codes in Indonesian

Impact Cheat Codes
100,000 All resources All your bases belong to us
1000 gold ATM
1000 wood You said wood
1000 stones Rock&roll
1000 iron Creatine
1000 meat Boston food sucks
All building structures are complete (immediately finished) Coffee train
Shows all codes Display cheats
Upgrade all units to lvl 10 The quotable patella
Open all folders (remove darkness) Asus drivers
Open all maps and resources My name is method
Instant development and research Brainstrom
Lost the game Ahhhcool
No resources The big dig
No gold Boston rent
No wood Uh, smoke?
No meat Slimfast
No iron Girlyman
No rocks Mine your own business
Planes can refuel in the air Friendly skies
Removes objects in the map Headshots
Restores all magic energy I have the power
Removes fog on the map Bam
See all the animals on the map Columbus
Win games Somebody set us up the bomb

How to Use Empire Earth Cheats

How to use the cheat above is very easy, when playing you need to just press ENTER then type the cheat code that you want. If you don’t understand, please ask directly in the comments.

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